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  1. Ditto for me if you would. wgateman@crazytechchristmas.com
  2. Same here if still willing to share or trade if you are looking for any I may have. wgateman@crazytechchristmas.com
  3. HELP - this is really making me crazy - what settings can you use to make this dumb thing work? The dumb ribbon says it is 150 LED's, but 1 pixel - but if you set it to 1 pixel on a light string you get ONE light - this really should not be so hard, why can't they setup defined entries for the stuff they sell. Then how do you set this up in the S3 - if you add the device (here they have it in dropdown) and select RGB - is each row equal to one of the 8 ribbons I want to use? The help file is no help on that either -
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