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  1. Wow! Thanks man. I sent you a PM.
  2. Hey all, I am back after taking a year off (was renting an apartment). I used a LOR1602Wg3 controller for two years and loved it.. DId a simple 16ch show with wowlights seqs. Somehow I seemed to have misplaced the 1602 so I will be starting new with a single CTB16PC. Anyone selling?? I assume this controller works basically the same? I am in MN so I plan to protect it is a plastic bin of some sort.. any heat issues doing this? I also need a new FM transmitter.. Recommendations? I had a nice EDM one that I use to like but misplaced that as well.. argh. Thanks!
  3. My controller are on 24x7 as well.. I have the 1602Wg3 though on a stand.
  4. That my concern.. luckily I only have one controller and a few items to run on timer
  5. I am actually in Lino Lakes. PM me your number and email and I will try and swing out sometime soon. PS.. you selling anything?
  6. George, you are only an hour from me.. I would like to stop and get a tour of your setup
  7. 16channel "let it go" please justin@durrantfamily.com
  8. Thanks all.. I decided to use the channel for strobes so I will just go the lights on a timer for now
  9. Thanks.. looks like I will need to upgrade to use a background sequence.. I am on basic version. I assume the background sequence needs the timeline to be as long as my longest other sequences?
  10. I am on the latest version of LOR.. no issues.
  11. Ok hopefully not too dumb of a question.. Is there a way to leave a channel always on between sequences? I have floods and my tune to sign I want to leave on.. I suppose I could run them on a timer separate from controller if I have to.. thanks!
  12. I almost fell for it as well... I replied to the local ad here in MN but never received a reply
  13. I use Floral Easels from Micheals.. each tree has 300 M5. Been using them a few years now and they are holding up great!
  14. The Enchanted Forest brand at Menards dim fine
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