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  1. Thanks for your comments and suggestions. You have helped me tremendously.
  2. How do I "unhide" a channel or group that I have hidden? S5
  3. The only way I know to describe my issue is "double grouping" in the Grid Channel configuration. On some groups, if I click the "+" button, I will get another "+" button by the side of it, but no other items in the group to choose from. It's like my channels are imbedded in groups inside groups inside groups. How do I solve this? When right clicking on the group or the channels inside the group, there is no option to "degroup." Thanks for your help!
  4. Thanks for everyone's suggestions!
  5. Great ideas! Maybe I'll hold on to it and figure out something to use it for before next Christmas. I appreciate your help!
  6. Silly question here: I have a CMB24D Deluxe DC card that I don't even remember why I purchased. What would I do with this controller? The Light-O-Rama website says it could be used for controlling rgb floodlights or rgb dumb pixels. Since I don't have any of those, any other ideas? Or--is anyone interested in purchasing it? Make me an offer privately.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving! My lights go on tonight, but I'm still having a problem: My RGB lights play fine from the Sequencer; but when I play the exact same sequence in a SHOW, all the RGBs flicker. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. The LOR Help Desk was very good at helping me with this. I got it working--partially. The PixCon16 will now control the lights, but all the lights it controls flash or blink, instead of being on steady when they should. Still don't know what is going on. "Flicker" may be a better word.
  9. I have factory reset my PixCon16 about five times today. I can connect and configure the ports fine. I can control the lights in test mode--both from the board itself and from the computer. But I cannot made them work with a sequence. I have verified that the addresses on the PixCon14 and the preview match. I have a ticket open with LOR help desk, but haven't heard back from them since they sent me their checklist. I have meticulously followed the checklist, but still--it won't control lights. Any suggestions? Craig
  10. I solved the above issue: I found my new router had changed the IP Address for the PixCon16. Got that fixed. Now I am having another problem with the PixCon16. I added more lights and connected them to the left side of the PixCon16, along with the lights that were already there. They worked fine, but flickered too much, so I added a power supply to the right side, configured the right side ports for the new lights; but now NOTHING works on the PixCon16. I didn't change the left side lights at all, but they don't work either. I can still connect to the PixCon16, and all the lights work on the test mode (pushing the button on the controller, as well as from the Network Preferences); but they software will not control them. All my lights that are NOT on the PixCon16 work fine. I don't think I've changed anything else! Can anyone think of something for me to try? I don't think I did anything to the board, but if I did, would the test mode still work? I'm almost to panic mode. Thanks, Criag
  11. When plugged directly into the computer and the PixCon16 to use the Network Preferences, the light on the PixCon16 is blinking. When plugged into the red 485 adapter, and one of the other ports on the PixCon16, the light on the PixCon16 is solid; but it still won't control the lights.
  12. I have had a Pixcon16 for three years. I used it most recently for my 4th of July show this year. Now it won't control any lights, and I cannot connect to it via Network Preferences. When I click on "Find/Configure Pixcon16," the following box comes up. I press OK and this box comes up: It says to select the same Network Adapter that is connected to the same network as your PixCon16. It is, as there is no other choice in the drop-down menu. Pressing "Search Again" takes me around in a circle over and over. I have never had this happen before with the PixCon16. What am I missing? Thanks for your help!
  13. Thanks for the suggestions, PhilMassey. I appreciate all who have helped me on this forum!
  14. I figured out that it is my preview, for some reason. I had to recreate it (thankfully it's just a flag and eave lights for this time). Question: Can S5 TWINKLE lights in only white? I want the stars of my flag (rgb) to twinkle at times, but I can only get it to twinkle in multi colors. Thanks for your help, everyone.
  15. That's what I thought; but nothing works. I'm at my wits end. Control lights is selected. Control panel is running. I can get the visualizer to work on some sequences, but it doesn't control the actual lights. Also, it won't control lights from a show, although the music is playing.
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