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  1. Thanks JR, I think this is what I needed to get started. Will give you a shout if I run into problems. Again thanks. If I wanted to create movement from left to right, top down, diagonal, or even center out... using the advantage of smart pixels (individual pixels)...because of the branches...I guess I would have to program individual pixels rather than combining some pixels in prop def? If I combined some, it would only be set up for one directional movement. (If you understand what I am thinking. LOL) But that's OK, I can program the same way I am now...and for those songs that call for a little extra pizzazz I'd spend more time. Also I guess I could save a special movement to clipboard.
  2. If we all are busy with other’s problem solving for THIS year, then I understand waiting till after the season for help BUT wanted to start the thinkers out there. I have built a number of years ago a 16 foot snowflake for my roof with dumb LEDs and want to switch it over to smart pixels for next year. There are six arms with 3 sections on each arm and a star in the middle. Each arm from the center star has a Y branch, then a star, then another branch. When I switch over to smart pixels I was going to have each arm on one port of the pixie (6 ports with one having the center star). What I don’t know is, how do I create this prop(s) in the program? I assume it will be custom because of the branches? I understand the initial prop will be grouped as… ‘branch’, ‘star’, ‘branch’ X 5 and one more with the center star. But because of the shapes and positions to each other, I have concerns that this can even be done.?! Where do I start? New to pixels – and unfamiliar to grouping with arrangements ie. Horizontal Stack etc. Other info: Each inner branch has 22 LEDs Each star has 36 LEDs Each outer branch has 35 LEDs Each arm would have (in total) 93LEDs The arm with the centre star (in total) would have 129LEDs Any help now or later…greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello everyone, I have 5 mini pixel trees with 120 pixels each. I will have the controller and PSUs about 12-14 feet away from the trees. I have lots of 16/3 Outdoor Extension Cord that I was going to use to make extensions to reach the controller. New to pixels this year and learning as I go....with the difference in guage of wire from that used with the pixels...will there be any problems? Thanks in advance.
  4. Also, if you are using dumb pixels and using something like the CMB24D, and you are using white for the eyes and mouth, you can use Port 1 - 1,2,3 for three sections, Port 2 -1,2,3 for another three. etc,etc. I have singing light bulbs and use the first Port for RGB light bulb outline so I can change their colour. The next Port I split them up into individual channels for the bottom of the eyes and top of the eyes - so I can make them blink and the next for the mouth shapes, etc...to get the white colour I just twisted the red, blue, green wires together. A little more perhaps than smart pixels...but it was what I did before getting into smart pixels...
  5. I recently purchased my first pixel controller from LOR...pixie8...I believe it's the same...170....but thanks....will do just that.
  6. Thank you The Ducks, your suggestion was correct. My heart is beating easier now. k6ccc - you are correct in the way I am wiring up the trees and ports. Question now is....Since I am using 5 of the 8 ports for my mini pixel trees...when I get around to using the other 3 ports...and...if the next prop has 130 nodes...when I go into HU to change the count...is there a way to change a specific port? or do I just change all ports to 130 even though the first 5 don't use the added nodes?L Learning along the way...thanks everyone.
  7. Hello everyone, Not sure if I set up my new props correctly. I'm venturing into pixels and adding 5 mini pixel trees with stars on an Aux network. The first tree I set up: Actual # of Strings 1, Exact # RGB Nodes/String 90, # of Folds in String 5....in Aux A, Unit 1, Start Circuit 1, End Circuit 270. I then added a double star using the star presets....Exact # RGB Nodes 20, Exact # RGB Nodes 10....in Aux A, Unit 1, Start Circuit 271, End Circuit 330...Aux A, Unit 1, Start Circuit 331, End Circuit 360. I thought if I told the program this, it would understand what I wanted. Can I do this or do I have to create a custom prop with all 120 nodes? Also when I connected my RGBs to the Pixie 8 for a test....only 50 nodes light up. What have I done?.....or haven't done? Need help setting this up. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks PhilMassey, Don't know how I updated the last time but clicking on unload helped. All good now. Again thanks.
  9. Thought I'd update my software. Got the download and started to install. Only got so far when I got a message..."some files that need to be updated are currently in use"...clicked on 'automatically close'....it seemed to close the LORCommListener but the LORTray(Process Id:2196) would not close. Tried 'retry' with no success. I do not know how to shut down the Tray. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I was thinking of keeping any future pixie controllers on one network and the other network for the old controllers....just wanted to make sure I set it up correctly. Thanks
  11. Hello everyone, I recently purchased a USB HS adapter (red) and making sure this is set up correctly. I have the older black USB adapter on Reg Network. Opened 'Network Preference' and selected Aux A for the HS adapter and 500k for the speed. Clicked on Advanced and selected Enhanced. Correct so far?... The "computer" stated only 3G controllers can be used on the Enhanced network...I purchased at the same time a Pixie8D from LOR. From the picture in the manual it appears to be a 2G controller. Am I OK, this controller will work,did I set things up right? Anything else I need to be aware of? Thanks for all the help (past, present and future!)
  12. I'll probably pick up 2 250w psu's. That way if I change things I already have the power. You are right though....for the price of a 250 psu...you might as well.
  13. Not sure what you mean here. On one bank I'd only be maxed out with almost 116 watts if all were full on white. Thanks for verifying my calcs. I feel better :) Also, thanks for the shopping list for the box enclosure. Is there a rack for multi psu's or do they bolt to the plate from the side of the psu's? Also, I'd want 2 x Cat5 Extensions, no? to daisy chain later? You mentioned you have a build message string? How do I get there? Just wanting to educate myself. Thanks again.
  14. Hello everyone. I purchased an LOR Pixie 8 and want to verify my calculations. I plan on having 120 ws2811 per port with a dim curve of 30% If the pixels draw at MAX Power 0.8W....... 120 x 0.8W = 96W per string (@ MAX) 96W x 30%(dim curve) = 28.8W (approx.) per string Since.... Watts / Volts = Amps 28.8 Watts / 12 Volts = 2.4 Amps Since the Amps are 2.4 and the Pixie per port is 4A fused....I am good right? or did I calculate wrong? Thanks for the help.
  15. They are defined as Dumb RGB in prop def that is why I was unsure what happened...but I think I fixed it by above post - deleted file and started over...but now have another issue with motion rows....see above post. Thanks for the help and info James
  16. Hello Matt, When in doubt, start over. I deleted my channel order file in Import/Export and built another. Made sure the Condensed was checked and seems to be OK...However, I created my pixel props and assigned 2 Motion Rows for each in Prop Def.(Mini Tree 1, Mini Tree 2,...5)(Star 1, Star 2,...5), grouped them (All Trees)(All Stars) and assigned 2 Motion Rows in Group Def. and grouped them again (All Trees and Stars) and assigned 2 Motion Rows to that. All Motion Rows show up except the ones defined in the original Prop Def.. I can add them manually but don't understand why they don't show up at all?.
  17. Hello Matt, What I don't understand is my singing light bulbs are created with dumb RGBs controlled with 2 x CMB24D cards...why have just the outline of the singers using RGB to change their colours have the XXXX and not the rest...is it because it is assigned 3 channels? Also I thought in prop def or group def I could assign Motion Effect Rows so I would not have to add manually every time a new Sequence was started...but when I click on the prop and expand...there is no Motion Effect Rows?
  18. Do not know what I did. Just moved into Pro and was playing with pixel programming. I have set up a few simple props just to play around. Today I wanted to play with a song. Noticed on my channels - my arches (traditional mini lights - 5 segments - AC controller) now has the XXXX field but does not have any motion rows attached when expanded. Also my dumb RGBs for the outline of my singing light bulbs have the same thing....if I click on the tree icon beside "Show All" (or other grid formation) and select Condensed View the XXXX is gone....but the other issue I have found is...in Preview Group Definition...my props have Motion Effet Rows of 2 but when you click on the channels in the grid there is no Motion Effets...but I can add them manually...this wasn't like this before....anyone out there figure what I did? Would like to clean this up. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hey there everyone, I am jumping off the deep end into pixels. Curious where everyone gets their enclosures? I am starting with an LOR Pixie8 and want to get an enclosure large enough for a 12V 350W power supply and the Pixie8 controller. Thanks in advance.
  20. So, what I understand is yes - the LOR Pixie 8 can be dimmed in Prop Def / Preview. The dim %, if I choose 30% drops the output by that amount....so instead of full on 100% (in Sequencer) it really is 70% at the pixel?...would that not mean 50% (Sequencer) be 20% at the pixel?...or would it be 30% drop of the 50%....35%. Trying to keep my head up. Sorry.
  21. You guys lost me. I understand you all are further along than I am and that is why I started this thread in the first place. What is this dimming 'Curve'? My lights are far to bright and thinking I could probably cut them down to at least half! Some pics/videos are washed out (especially my singing light bulbs) and in SE dropped the 'full on' white down to 40% for them and that seems to work....if there isn't much of a difference (for the individual colours - red, blue, green) then I could change the 100% output to 40% without visual difference and that would also cause less work for the 12V power supply, no? Is there a way to set this once then it would be set for every Sequence moving forward? Keep in mind I jumped from S2 to S5 and wanting to understand while learning the new features at the same time jump into the deep end with a few pixels. Not sure if it makes a difference...was considering LOR's Pixie 8 for the first crack at pixels. Thanks everyone. Much appreciative for this forum!
  22. Thanks DibblerJr. I was planning on moving to Pro and picking up a Red USB and setting up another Network just for pixels. I was just concerned about the pixel count. Now I can start working on the next step. Good tip about the intensity settings but I really only need to drop it down when full on white...individual colors should be ok. Have never worked with motion rows yet...jumped from S2 to S5 last Feb and still getting to know the new program. Gotta figure out grouping channels as I have a 16ft. snowflake comprised of 19 pieces controlled by two and a half CMB24D cards...eventually I will switch it over to pixels but want to learn some with these new props before starting that. If you have any tips or tricks I should learn to make things easier...I am all ears!
  23. Hey there 'Light Guys' Considering jumping into pixels...thinking of adding mini pixel trees with double star topper. Thinking of 6 runs of 15 pixels with a star of 10 pixels surrounded by another star of 20 pixels (total 120 pixels per tree)....Thinking of 5 trees like this and 3 posts with stars. Looking at the Pixie 8. However it says "Each port can control up to 100 smart RGB pixels over a standard LOR network"...but later states "Each Pixie4/8/16 controller port is fused at 4 amps and can typically power up to 100 pixels. More pixels on a port requires power injection that Light-O-Rama does not currently support" Does this mean I have to limit to 100 pixels? What is meant by LOR doesn't currently support power injection? I would be running these from an Aux Network with a RED USB adapter. Can I push it to 120 pixels? or do I have to power inject? Thanks in advance
  24. That is what I was thinking...different network - could start over. I like k6ccc's idea of "blocked out Unit IDs 01 - 0F for my Regular network, Unit IDs 10 - 1F are on my AuxA network, and Unit IDs 20 - 2F are on my AuxB network". Not like I would ever need more....on our small house...not! Will ask more questions soon enough, I am sure....Thank you very much.
  25. If I set up my pixels onto another USB adapter (red) do I start all over with unit 1 or do I continue on with the numbering from the other units? I am planning on having my pixels separate from my dumb RGBs. Anything else I should think of? Thanks in advance.
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