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  1. I don't know if it makes a difference but I didn't uninstall and then re-install. I just clicked on the latest version and clicked save. Went through the prompts and installed. Did a test and it seems to work. Thank you for the support...I didn't want to enjoy another panic attack. LOL Fingers crossed all goes well starting Dec. 1! Happy Lighting
  2. Thanks PhilMassey. I have only installed and used LOR. Other than the sequence and music folders what other folders will I find data files that I created in LOR that require backing up?
  3. Early this year I moved my LOR from a laptop to a desktop and upgraded to S5. Spent time setting things up to get to programming and tackling the learning curve. Long story short. I ran a test yesterday and it failed. I ran LOR Verifier and got this message..."Application file does not exist - Msg Num 7 - Program Files (x86)\Light-O-Rama\LOR Simple Show Builder.exe" When you click on it - it states to Uninstall and Re-install LOR.... If I do this do I have to spend all that time re-doing all my channels and drawing of props, pic of house, grid set up etc etc etc. Is there a way to save in a se
  4. All is good in the Great White North here in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Thanks 'k6ccc' for the idea of moving the leads to another RGB channel. I should have thought of that but I get excited when trouble arises and don't think things through. Any how...the problem was the connection of wires to the connecting plug. The dumb LED's have a silver coloured wires (perhaps aluminum?) and the plugs are copper. Dissimilar metals oxidize/corrode...guess I will have to accept I will be running into problems again....just wait till spring please!!!! Thank you to all. Your ideas and thoughts were help
  5. Good thought....I will move to a different port tomorrow as I am done for today....will post results tomorrow. Always good to have someone else to think of things to try... Wish I did that before I changed the MOSFET!!!! Live and learn....L8R
  6. I used a second power supply to test the string by itself. All the LEDs light up fine...so I am thinking it is either the connector or the wire. Any thoughts?
  7. I have a string of dumb RGBs controlled by a CMB24D card. The red and blue light up full but the green is quite dim. I thought it was the mosfet and changed it. Still an issue with the green. Any one out there encounter this issue? Possible the leader wire from the card to the LEDs got pulled a bit...would that cause a poor connection? If no one encountered this I may just run a new wire and see if that is the cause. Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks TheDucks...right now it seems to be working....will get around to it when I purchase a USB wifi connector...the computer I use does not have wifi right now.
  9. Thank you TexasLights. It has been a long time since I originally set up my system. Found my driver disk....since moving to a desk top and bouncing to S5, I have had to do a lot of re-learning. Fun though. Again, thank you. Stay safe and happy lighting!!!
  10. Hello everyone, I jumped from S3 to S5 and moved from an old Vista lap top to a Windows 7 desk top. Connected a CMB24D control card and powered it up. Went to Hardware Utilities but it cannot find anything. I am curious if the 485 adapter needs a 'driver'. There was a message about something needing a driver a few days ago but didn't take much notice. If it needs a driver I guess I need to move the computer down two flights of stairs and plug it into the wifi as it doesn't have wifi.......Driver anyone?
  11. Thank you PhilMassey and Don. I figured it out with your help. Much appreciated. More time for sequencing!!! Yah.
  12. I jumped from S3 to S5. I believe everything is working but need to know.... Is there a way to lock the channel order. The channels (I believe) are in alphabetical order. I start a new sequence and have to spend a few minutes re-arranging the order to my liking but would like to have that done once and done. I hope I am explaining this right...any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  13. Thanks Brian Mitchell...this is what I was thinking of....a name of a song...not the music file....I can always search for the file...just need the name for a starting point.
  14. I have sequenced "Don't Stop the Santa Man" and everyone loves the music....is there other Christmas mashups like this out there? Been looking but can't seem to find any. Perhaps everyone else may know some tunes? Got a list? Any help would be awesome. Thanks in advance.
  15. Thanks 'lanopie' the unlock is what I needed. I guess I should have grown with everyone and bumped to S4 then to S5....but learning all over is good. I will probably have more 'dumb' questions...sorry in advance.
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