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  1. Please contact me asap the Item we purchased shows it has not shipped yet and has been over a week... thank you Irish Family
  2. well so far have tried all the suggestions with no such luck...have it hooked up to the pc by itself and get this pop up " port not found, unable to locate the Light-O-Rama port. Check the controller and that it is powered on) but the red LED light still goes steady on when it is hooked up....
  3. Just updated to S3 advance license Ran same setup last year. Will not recognize the controller when it is plugged in but the red led light will go to solid when it is plugged in like it is trying to :?
  4. I have 5 1602w controllers and I cannot get one to connect, the other 4 I went thru and all 4 configured 1 - 4. But the 5th when I try to connect, the led stops flashing from a steady flash to staying on like it connected but says it cannot find the controller. fuses are good, cat cable is good, any ideas or info thanks Andy
  5. this is my 3rd year using wow strobes havent had any issues with them yet, bought 4 more sets this year:D
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