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  1. I'm looking to get 2 ccr's controllers and 2 red high speed rj45 jacks so take in the u s dollar , shipping fee's , duties fee's , plus the cost of import fee's from what ever courier you are going to use and it's about $ 357 TO $ 400 dollars canadian just for the above mentioned objects Blair
  2. I see that the ccr's are on sale but not the ccr controllers thought they would be on sale also just wondering why Blair
  3. John would you sell the3 controllers and the 3 power supplies
  4. Looking for 3 ccr controllers anyone have any for sale thank you Blair
  5. Hi Brian sorry it took so long to reply what I'm doing is using morphs to go around my windows but would like to blend some other colors in, at the top there is the main colors, and when you hit on it up comes the colors, at the bottom there is custom color box how do I get this to work applying it to the morphs, I tried using smooth effects but it doesn't seem right thank you Blair
  6. i see the eight colors that you can select but I don't know how to apply them to a sequence any ideas thank you Blair
  7. a few more pics of snoopy would look good great job Blair
  8. sticks4legs any pictures or video of how you did it thank you Blair
  9. this is right up there with the other people doing this excellent work enjoyed it Blair
  10. sysco


    trying to down load a few props but I can only download the ones that are zip files any ideas tried saving target as I only get a bunch of numbers and they are lpf files ?????? looking to download the pinwheel spinner 12 and 8 channels thank you Blair
  11. Gentlemen thank you for your help got it working
  12. sysco


    I'm not a computer person can you tell me what vlan is and how to set it up would like to use another p12x. Ok here is what I did installed a second nic card and gave it and the submask is hooked up to nic card and the swithch then hooked up my p12x to switch also so it would be separate from my main enternet cable using this for lor boxes So I would like to use a second board is this the right way take enternet cable hook it to the p12x then hook it to the switch and give it an address of 10.10.10. 199 submask of
  13. looking to hook up my p12x to a new nic express card that I installed I can get it working on my regular internet by changing my ip address to and it finds the board ok but I want to use new card I just installed on it's own net work how do I do it I'm using windows 7 can someone explain to me how it is done have looked at andy's video does not show it thank you
  14. Does anyone run a p12x off a second pci express card rather than their main internet connection need help setting up thank you Blair
  15. go to ebay here is id # 161039064356 look through his site
  16. dmoore will you be shipping to Canada would like to purchase a few things thank you Blair
  17. Hi Dave great job as always merry Christmas and will contact you in the new year about a couple of songs I would like you to do Blair
  18. My hardware utility is only finding boxes 1 and 2 out of 5 boxes. It was finding them all the other night and now only 2. Changed cables and fuses. Lights will go solid then start blinking off and on..solid..blink..solid..blink. Any ideas??
  19. I already have 12 ccr's hooked up to port 3 -6 ccr's and port 4- 6 ccrs works great and the regular boxes hooked up to port 5 now I would like to add another 8 ccr's and I purchased the 500k red adapter how do I hook up the 500 k for the eight ccr's do I just hook it up to another usb port on my computer and call it port 6 ??????/ thank you Blair
  20. Jim where did you get it at, looking for 3/8 led cool white dimmable cutting every 4'' that would be nice Blair
  21. would anyone have any extra for sale thank you Blair
  22. Some great picture guys thank's for posting them Blair
  23. I though I did it right guess not anyway In the lor viz I selected draw cosmic ribbons for six windows selected pixel number 1 as starting point on all windows selected regular; triples; set unit id; selected 50 pixels the drawings of the windows are not good so I went to lor hit super star import viz a box came up to the right with 6 windows in it very hard to see so I selected the color red for all 6 windows and then green selected time line hit add it did that ok but up came this message can anyone tell me what it means The Visualization Object Selected contains No Colors Must Select Visu
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