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  1. looking to buy ccr controllers that you may not be using anymore thank you
  2. looking for ccr's controllers if you have any that you don't need let me know thank you
  3. how do I change a ribbon from red - blue - green to red - green - blue I forget how to do it thank you
  4. search for the above man's name great sequences for spiral trees really helpful send him a message
  5. can anyone tell me what program I can use to open a sequence that ends in .lcb thank you
  6. it doesn't matter the whole top bar goes gray can't stop song
  7. USING 3.12.2 went to sequence editor today played a sequence could not stop the sequence it just kept on playing to the end also tried to add more rgb channels to a sequence using Bob's vegomatic could not do hit edit and the only option there was [ export protected] any ideas thank you Blair
  8. looking for ccr controllers If you have any your not using and want to get rid of let me know Blair
  9. looking for ccr controllers if you have any that you want to get rid of let me know thank you Blair want let me know
  10. Mr Grinch thank you and gsmith thank you
  11. this is what I get when I try to open files [cannot read version number from file ] colverton done by james morris what I'm doing wrong I'm using a browser hit view then open in explorer up comes the file folders click on james folder an ideas thank you
  12. Brian I would also like a copy of your sequence sent you my email address Blair
  13. DevMike would you share the props that you received or have
  14. George thank you for your reply Blair
  15. George can't attend wondering if you would be making a video of what you are offering would buy a cd thank you Blair Melanson
  16. and this one hope it helps let me know http://www.landolights.com/main/component/option,com_remository/Itemid,54/func,select/id,24/orderby,2/page,1/
  17. TRY THIS Mike http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/15271-shared-visualizer-props-and-fixtures/&page=3
  18. can not open sequences what might I be doing wrong
  19. Pull the power on the controller that is not working with the other hand push on the blue button on the other end of controller hold it in and reconnect the power it should recycle through red, green ,blue if it does everything is fine just had to be reset
  20. anyone have a 12 ccr tree of elvis blue, blue christmas
  21. looking for ccr controllers anyone have any they want to get rid of or know of anyone that might want to thank you
  22. looking for an 18'' monitor for alienware m18x anybody know where I can find this, mine will not work tried dell where I purchased it no luck any ides would like to hear them thank you Blair
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