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  1. yes got that screen it is saying no audio file loaded for the last four songs QUESTION can i reload those songs while it is playing or do i have to shut down thank you Blair
  2. Yes playing it on a computer would you be referring to verifier ? as the status panel thank you
  3. not all songs playing in the scheduler plays the first 10 but not the last 4 any ideas thank you
  4. would anyone be able to change xlights tree only sequences to light a rama s4 16x50 pixel tree thank you
  5. looking for 16x50 pixel tree left to riight anyone have one they could share thank you
  6. what should i do when switching sequences to sequence editor; also what about the songs any information would be helpful thank you
  7. Hi Phill. Can you explain more about the wall wart or send me a picture of what exactly you are talking about?
  8. Is it possible to buy an usb port splitter and plug it into one of my usb slots on my computer then will this create additional usb ports to use with my usb connector allowing me to run more then one comm off of that single usb port with the splitter attached? OR will the splitter only recognize one usb port ? An example below.
  9. Yes JR and James have been a great help to everyone on this site. Let me tell you it's because of people like JR AND JAMES THAT I'm able to enjoy this hobby also like to extend a thank you to K6CCC and MR P also Hope you guys stay around on this forum for a long time g
  10. sysco

    color code

    thank you for the information very helpful Jim - The Ducks
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/CHRISTMAS-XMAS-LIGHT-OUTDOOR-TUBING-LDPE-NON-TOXIC-UV-ARCHES-32mm-x-38mm-x-15m-/283225477790?hash=item41f18dd29e this is the only thing i have seen 45 foot roll
  12. sysco

    color code

    thank you for your reply
  13. Can anyone tell me the which is the positive and which is the data the ground is marked in white dashes these are light o rama extensions thank you
  14. Trying to import sequences from a usb thumb drive onto a new computer. These files are S3 files being transferred into S4, however when trying to open the files off the thumb drive in S4 they won't load...it says file extension not recognized. Did i save the files wrong on my usb? Are these files compatiable with the S4? How do I transfer my sequences from my old computer to my new one?
  15. anybody hear any more on the above presented by lor at expo
  16. Rhino a lot of things to remember will look and see on their websites thank you for your reply
  17. would like to hear about what you saw , anything new pop up thank you
  18. default that is something else, just great thank you for sharing your work I love seeing this stuff hats off to you
  19. sysco

    windows 10

    Would like to thank you all for replying to the above topic.The reason I was saying 32gb I read somewhere that it would allow you to use up to 32gb of ram if needed
  20. I have a dell windows 7 home premium edition ,xps 8300 intel [ R] CORE [ TM ] i7 2600 cpu @ 3.40 gtz-340 gtz, memory 6.00 GB, with 64 bit operating system. Is there a free download that I can get or should I buy windows 10. With windows 10 I should be able to up grade to 32 gb of ram ???? .Would like your thoughts on this thank you
  21. Phil good point about pro upgrade thank you
  22. Using S3 right now but looking at S4 or S5 upgrade. I don't know which one, but this will be my last upgrade ,what would you suggest thank you
  23. Matt when is the next release. looking at purchasing s4 or s5 thank you
  24. sysco

    LSS file

    Don thank you for your reply
  25. sysco

    LSS file

    Can not open LSS files. What program can I down load which is safe to open these files thank you
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