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  1. rjnitto wrote: Richard tried what you said i clicked on the first thread in this posting it came out to 17.57 feet so it must be the correct one Blair
  2. Glad to be of help there is a Canadian site called Christmaslights.ca have you signed up yet Blair
  3. http://forums.planetchristmas.com/index.php?showtopic=38908&b=1&st=&p=436624entry436624 here is another one Blair
  4. http://forums.planetchristmas.com/index.php?showtopic=38908&b=1&st=&p=436624entry436624 http://altoonalights.com/mega/mega_calc.php http://www.planetchristmas.com/Excel/MegaTreeCalculator.xls http://www.angelxmaslights.com.au/info_mega_tree_calculator.php these were taken from LOR Forms
  5. jimswinder wrote: VERY nice job...wish I had the patience to do something like that!! lol Jerryb Great job on the animation i tried it messed it up Blair
  6. jimswinder wrote: It's pretty basic...was wanting to make it better all season long...but alas...no time... this year! lol Hopefully I will have the video up pretty soon so you can see what it looks like too... Jim thank you for making your sequence available it does help Blair
  7. Looking to do a spiral tree next year wondering if any body had any sequences to share for the tree thank you Blair
  8. This is about the 50 count ge lights red, geen, blue, colour changing leds I came across this thread about them on GOOGLE type in Deep Darc Hacking Christmas lights can these be controlled by lor after hacking them. thank you Blair
  9. ED thank you for sharing your work merry christmas and a happy new year Blair
  10. sysco


    Troy thank you for sharing the sequence Blair
  11. sysco


    WOULD anyone have the sequence for boogie woggie santa clause 128 channels or what ever have not found it on lor sequence page thank you Blair
  12. Gentlemen that was the problem right on changed the cat 5e cable every thing working fine thank you for your replies Blair
  13. I have 8 boards the first 3 boards are receiving commands all right red light is solid all the other 5 boards are blinking. all the boards were id before putting them out and all eight boards worked the other night when tested can anyone explain thank you Blair
  14. Would anyone have the edited version of sandstorm to share thank you Blair
  15. Wondering if anyone would share there sequences for halloween thank you Blair
  16. TJ Hvasta wrote: TJ thanks ya verymuch:)
  17. Great job the faces look really nice and smooth thank you for the video's would you share your sequences Blair
  18. Gentlemen i thank you kindly for all your replies and suggestions only here on lor forums would you fine such help.Got an email from Dan stating that i should try windows media player My problem is solved , this is what happened IDT - HIGH DEFINIATION AUDIO CODEC -- Windows media player can not play the file because there is a problem with your sound divice . There may not be a sound divice installed on your computer. Went back to the previous setting 3 days ago ,hit restored everything working thank you Blair
  19. TJ Hvasta wrote: TJ it is stil freezing at one tenth of a second,:? down loaded 2.8.10 that did not work either, can't create another sequence.This is what it is saying, total time of this media file has not yet been determined.New Musical Sequence Error Blair
  20. i'm using 2.8.8 all the sequences that i have made up so far and have been playing with out any problems tried them this morning none will play they start then freeze any ideas thank you Blair
  21. boom pow is not my creation have taken pieces from others who were willing to share there work by posting in lor forms and sequences, just made them fit my sequence Blair
  22. Here is something i have been working on for awhile and today i started a 9am and it's now 4: 30 can you tell me what you think of it not finished yet any help i will take thank you BLAIR Attached files boom boom pow 2010showOCT..lms
  23. Pokrplr the one i'm looking for is for halloween with the face movement thank you for your offer Blair
  24. would anyone have a sequence that they would share called boom pow thank you Blair
  25. would anyone have a sequence for boom pow that they could share thank you Blair
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