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  1. I think I have a bad trac, one channel is always on about 50%. anyone know the Mouser equivalent for the trac or a list of the part numbers for the cb16. I also have several boards with larger light leaks even with a snubber or incan string after a LED string. And because I did not use strain relief all but one of my boards have broken rj45 sockets. So I will be doing repairs on all 5 of my boards.
  2. I just posted about this and am glad I saw your post....I will be taking my wife's monitor..
  3. I was told, then I found that attempting to paste and use the NC effects saved to clip boards will cause the sequencer to crash with an out of memory warning. some of the clipboards were up to 5 m in size. For me NC is easy to set up the models and draw custom items. But there is no grid or running time so I cant get the sequencing in my head. You have to define the time you want the NC effect to play, like a spread sheet. I hope something happens soon I have about 4k channels of pixels I want to add to my collection of songs.
  4. Just when I have convinced myself that SS is too expensive you seem to come up with more stuff that I want to do. I am planning a 64 x16 mega tree and am not getting the effects I want from Nutcracker. I am using pixel net and DIY hardware but use LOR for sequencing. DMX dumb stuff was not very hard to do, but smart lights have been a pain in the rear. I have about 6k channels. Are there any plans to open up the channel or pixel count the are DIY people that are in the 30 and 40 k range and some new equipment will let you control over 100k channels. Seems like LOR would want to capture a share of that market.
  5. I am in law enforcement and deal with this sort of stuff daily. It’s not always the company you dealt with; there are credit card processing services they use, like Mike said LOR uses paypal. Also another problem is people are rarely prosecuted. it may cost more to build a case then was lost. And once the card owner is re-reimbursed they are no longer the victim. The bank or credit card is, and they will write off the loss rather than hire lawyers to pursue charges all over the world. And as long as it is easy money it will happen. But....with more stores and restaurants having video with accurate time stamps we are arresting more people when we get fraud calls for people using stolen credit cards.
  6. I watched the grinch and I am sold, I don'tthink I will be happy with the outlined faces ever again....I gotta have one......I should not go digging around here too much its gonna cost me a car.....
  7. Great work....it has a smooth video quality to it....you could add two 3 channel holiday coro controllers and have full function on the backups....
  8. I downloaded it to a thumb drive and I opened the program right click " Run as administrator" and it worked.....aaamazing. Thank you for the heavy lifting.
  9. Norton does not like your program.....followed the steps as you listed them...no joy same message...
  10. Well I am down to the translator program with out posting .... when I exe. the translator file I get an error " Unable to find the ini file" " the ini file cannot be written to the mouth folder, this program must close." I went through and red all the posts and saw a few posts up about installing 1.3 in the 1.2 file.......still not working. Great Sutff if I can get the last bit.... .
  11. Don thank you for the quick answer, there is nothing in the help about choosing a color, mabea future mod should include a drag and drop color option.
  12. I want to add some rgb colors to some pumpkins. I am using s3 and silly me thought there would be some kind of drag and drop on the color selection.....I can get the three colors red blue and green. Do I manually have to set the intensities to get the colors I want or has someone made a color clip board. For some reason I thought this would be easier.
  13. I have been working on that song and just haven't finished it yet......mabey to night
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