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  1. Did you try pushing the compressor to 3GB?
  2. For anyone interested, the information from support on this was: The intensity data file created by the Pixel Editor has a 50 ms resolution, regardless of the timings in SE or PE. Thanks! Paul
  3. I have a question about how the PE imports data from the SE and creates the intensity file. What timing resolution does the PE use for the intensity file, the timing of the SE events as entered in the XML file, or the timing grid used in the PE? I hope it's based on the events imported from the SE file, but I don't have a way to tell. For example, I have a SE file that contains XML instructions every 50ms, but my timing grid is set to 100ms in both PS and SE. Just trying to figure this all out. Thanks! Paul
  4. Oh, and I had to hit the 3GB switch on the PE to get it to take in the 2.7GB LMS file to begin with. It kept crashing without it.
  5. Jim - you're a lifesaver! I pulled in some of my RGB props into PE and now I have a compressed LMS file of 450MB, an LMS file of 1GB and a lid file of about 60k. What a difference! I only pulled in some of the old props that I've used and already had in the visualizer. I've stopped checking sequences on LOR for a couple of years now as I do most of my work in xLights and then bring them back into LOR so I can run my show. I use MIIP, so I still need LOR. I believe all I need to run the show is the LMS, the LCS and the LID file. The rest of the stuff there is just for PE
  6. That may be a possibility, let me check it out! There is information in the help system on migration to PE for existing SE.
  7. Entire sequence is in the sequence editor. No PE or SS.
  8. How would I do that? Everything is in the lms file at this time as XML. Is there something that will convert the LMS file to an intensity file?
  9. Understood on S5, but too far in now for anything new. I won't know how this will run until I can get setup. I'm afraid that if the sequence isn't compressed that it will never run correctly in the v4 show software.
  10. Yeah, and I'm finding that trying to add a P10 panel just about kills v4.
  11. Yeah - I finally created a sequence that I can't compress... Sure wish we had a 64-bit compressor.
  12. Hmmm - I wonder if there is any chance of putting that code under an OSS license. I'd work on it if it were in the public domain. Paul
  13. In case anyone else runs across this, adding the LARGEADDRESSAWARE switch to the image header with editbin fixed the issue. LOR - any possibility of getting a 64-bit version of S4 to help eliminate these issues? I have a P10 panel I need to add next and I expect that S4 will not handle it since it will almost double my channel count. Thanks! Paul
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