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  1. My problem is I have replaced computers several times since I started using LOR all except 1 that runs the lights. The hard drive crapped out in it last night and I ordered a new one. for the time being I installed LOR on the new computer on my desk. Now I can't register the software any more and I have 1 computer running in demo mode and 1 computer that will be fixed in a couple of days that will need a license too. I have sent a request ticket to support and PM'ed Dan. Hopefully I will get things going real soon!
  2. Very nice, kinda gives me some Ideas to use!
  3. Thanks for the compliments! I do stay up late alot. The mini mega tree uses 4 channels, 24 strings(6 of each color).The strings go over the top and down the other side for a 48 string effect. I also put more then 1 thing on each channel, such as candles on porch and tree out by road. Kinda doubled up you might say. Made for more items dancing with the music. I bought 2 more units so next year I can do a little betterwith 48 channels. And Dan tell alex thanks for the compliments on the yeller car! Then take him to yellowstang73.com so he can get a good look!Ole yeller is my baby.
  4. Here's my first try at animated lights. Ya'll will have to forgive me for the video quality. This is over an acre of lights and decorations and was taken from across the road. 16 channels, and aprox 20,000 lights. Sorry but there is no way possible to get the whole display in the camera frame at one time. The kids loved it, and thats what it's all about to me!
  5. CheapViagra-Freporn? Bet he's got an interesting Christmas Display!
  6. I could help out with the supercharger for the back-up generator, your gonna need some serious horsepower there!
  7. I used plumbers putty and pressed it in the mortar grooves.
  8. I ran a stereo cord from my pc (in my basement) out to the yard. I then made a homemade splitter and ran one side to my fm transmitter, the other side I ran to a cheap surround sound unit that came from target $39. This surround sound unit had inputs for pc, and 2 sets of rca jacks, and a remote control. I hid the subwoofer under santas sleigh and put the 5 small speakers in various places around the yard. The sound was fantastic! I kept the pc volume at about 40% this gave the fm transmitter great sound, then controlled the volume of the surround to be as loud as I wanted it. My front yard is 2 1/2 acres and you could hear the music great from anywhere around the yard. The surround sound unit was cheap enough that i didn't worry about it going out due to bad weather. And it survived the holidays in great shape . Coming from target if you are not sattisfied with the quality of the sound, just return it for a full refund. Also the lor unit does not know whats going on with the sound. The sound is sent to the speakers only.
  9. I had the same problem running XP pro. The show would play 3 songs and quit. The work around fixed my problem also. Lights on tomorrow night! Thanks Dan!
  10. Thanks Grimshady, Thats a nice setup! Casket jumper is really cool! Pretty much answers my question too. I'll only have 12 floods @100 watts = 10.1 amps and can reduce that to 8.2 if I drop to 75 watt bulbs, so I think it will work great. I'll have my relay wired and give it a try as soon as my LOR gets here. ( hopefully in time to play with it a little at Halloween). Thanks for the quick replies and the great info! YS
  11. I broke down strings last year and put them on my truck. Steven is right about the bulbs being 2.5 volts , 5 of them to a string work perfect on a 12volt dc system!
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