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  1. I have 8 43" tall incan Minitree's for sale, asking $100 for the lot ($12.50 each). Each tree has 600 incan lights - 2 100 count strings each of red, green and white. I live in the Houston area (Spring), so a local sale would be preferable. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. I would also like a copy of your Christmas Vacation 16 CCR sequence. Thanks brucebeattie@me.com
  3. James, I would very much like a copy of this sequence. We love that song. brucebeattie@me.com Thanks!
  4. My wife's 50th birthday is in December, and she is a huge "old-fashioned Christmas music" fan. And for whatever reason (I think it reminds her of her childhood), she LOVES the old Wayne Newton Christmas songs. So as a surprise for her, I have worked thru several animated Christmas show songs, but I have run out of time to create a Wayne Newton song for her. Does anybody have any Wayne Newton songs they would be willing to share with me? Thanks so much, Bruce
  5. I have both the e682 and the Pixlite 16 in my show. I have not had any performance issues with either one, but I can list my likes/preferences based on my experience. 1) The Sandevices e682 can be setup and addressed thru any browser window, while setting up the Pixlite controllers requires a windows based application available thru Advateklights. Advantage e682. 2) Test patterns for the e682 can also be launched from the browser. Test patterns for the Pixlite can only be initiated using the buttons located on the board. I think the advantage here again goes to the e682, especially if your
  6. None of the sequences are from holidaycoro.com. The Minitrees and some of the other hardware are, though. I'm not sure where I got the strobes from, as those were purchased 4 or 5 years ago. But I have a strong suspicion they are from 3glightingcreations.com.
  7. The strings on the tree are attached to 'mega tree pixel mounting stips' (available as group buy through doityourselfchristsmas.com). The pixel mounting holes on those strips are spaced 1" apart, and I used 4" spacing on those strips. 50 pixels on the CCP x 4" spacing = ~16.5' string. The frame is ~17.5' high at where the pixels attach. I got the 'head', the base, etc from christmaslightshow.com. There basically is no spacing at the top of the tree where the pixels attach, and at the very bottom I have them spaced 10", but that is 15" - 18" below the last pixel. This year, I did not use a
  8. The arches are CCR's attached to PVC. The megatree has CCP's attached to Pixel Mega Tree Strips through a group buy on Doityourselfchristmas.com. The programming will be the same for strips and bulbs. And the Megatree sequences I bought from holidaysequences can be amazing.
  9. I used "Pixabulbs" from DIYLedExpress (WS2811 IC - Dual 5050 RGB LEDs - 12v).
  10. Here is what virtual Santa looked like in our window. http://vimeo.com/116275878 But I'm going to qualify my vote for my own "best bang for the buck"... The virtual santa was a huge hit, but we only ran that Christmas Eve and Christmas Night. Overall, for the entire time we ran the display, I think the best "bang for the buck" might have been my new minitrees.
  11. Those minitrees are made of coroplast. I got them from Holidaycoro.com.
  12. Most of the pixel sequencing is done in SuperStar Sequencer, although some of the effects are done in Xlights/Nutcracker.
  13. I find it kind of refreshing to think I'm already locked into next years show, and don't have to change anything.
  14. Ooops... Although, 4 of those videos were shot in 2015...
  15. I so far have only put online 7 of our 22 songs from this years show. I have recorded a few more, but have not gotten around to touching them up for 'publication. That, and some songs are just not good candidates for putting online (some of the slower, more Spiritual songs where the detail is in the song, not the lights). By the way, Vimeo is now analyzing posted video's for copyrighted content (as has been discussed here previously). One way to get around that is to either crop out a small portion of the audio (you can hear that in the "Amazing Grace" video) and/or slow the clip down where
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