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  1. That's clever! I do wish the "shutdown shows immediately" / "enable schedule" commands were able to be mapped to inputs. That would do it!
  2. So, just checking - no way to do this? Somewhat surprising, seems like a good thing to have - especially if you're running servos or other moving devices. Thanks, again.
  3. That's exactly it, I can start everything from an external trigger no problem. Just can't stop! Really I'd love some magic console window to send a "disable all shows immediately" command.
  4. Smart folks, For Halloween this year, I've set up a show to start on a trigger - all works great. Does anyone have any hints how I can get everything to go dark on a trigger? Essentially a "Blackout" or "Stop All" button. I've played with creating a Jukebox inside the show that plays a sequence with all channels at 0%, but it doesn't seem to be working properly. Am I headed in the right direction? Many thanks, Ray
  5. Hi, all, I'm having an odd problem this year where I can't seem to play musical sequences after updating to 3.10.12. The app appears to just freeze. Animations work fine. I do have another install on another machine that works just fine, but I really need to fix this one. I've re-installed multiple times to no avail. Any ideas? Many thanks, Ray
  6. Hello, again, I've successively used the Interactive tab last year, using a PIR detector as an input to trigger a sequence under Magic Toy. As it was an Animation it had no effect on the Musical sequence, i.e. It worked properly. The PIR detected motion, and the fog machine gave a few bursts, the 'main show' was never interrupted. What I'd like to do this year is run a musical sequence on trigger, but I'm unclear what effect it will have on the Musical tab sequences. When the input goes high, I'd like to fire some curtain strobes and play a short sound effect of glass breaking. Will this int
  7. You may need to do some experimenting, but that should do it, yes. Let us know!
  8. For what it's worth I use one of these: http://www.furmansound.com/product.php?div=01&id=PS-REL Just solder a wire on either side of your GO button on the fog remote and connect it up. Works flawlessly.
  9. Did you schedule the end time of your show to align with how long the show takes to complete? The show will play all the sequences in your animation and/or musical tab until it reaches your end time (over and over again), once it reaches your specified end time it enters "shutdown." It finishes up whatever sequence is currently playing and then plays the sequences in your shutdown tab (if any). Does that make sense?
  10. OK, that makes sense! I'll hopefully have a chance to give it a shot before work and I'll update to provide followup. Thanks a million.
  11. Hmm, ok. So if channels meant for a Background tab sequence are simply in the configuration of a sequence in the Musical tab (but not used) and vice versa... these symptoms are expected? Just trying to get a grasp on it...
  12. Thanks for the reply, Don. These channels are not used elsewhere, though I understand why you'd ask. The only new sequence is that which I added to the Background tab. The way I read the documentation, I can't figure out what the difference is between Animation and Background, besides having the option to play sequentially or concurrently in Animation. I'm wondering if I should try the Animation tab and see if that yields the same results. -Ray
  13. Hello, all, I'm not sure if I've possibly stumbled onto a bug or if I'm missing something. I wanted to park two channels at 10% intensity so I made a one minute sequence with only these channels. I added this sequence into the Background tab of my Show. These channels acted as expected, but some other channels on another unit kept bumping to zero percent intensity and then jumping to full during the Show - not behaving according to the sequence programming. It was completely reliable, restarting the show caused this new behavior. Restarting the software and resetting the controllers did not ch
  14. Hi, all, I was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to see Lightorama events from before what's listed in the status window? For instance, Zara is reporting it heard a DTMF tone at 11:30p last night, well past my show times. However, Lightorama only lets me scroll as far as 2:30a this morning. I wonder if it writes to a text file somewhere? Thanks, in advance!
  15. Thanks, Jeff. Somehow, I didn't know that - my fault! All working now.
  16. I guess we can close this out - input 2 works perfectly.
  17. Hello, I've wired up a motion detector (the one from the LOR store - Proteq 8X), but can not see a state change in the hardware app. The LED on board the detector changes state appropriately, so I'd assume that tells me it has the correct power, but it's not tracing back to the software. Some hardware troubleshooting is in order, but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing a step? I have changed it to a N/C, but it doesn't show a state change in either configuration. Thanks,as always...
  18. Is it possible the show comes to an end after running a sequence that has a value for these channel(s)? I had this issue last year before I discovered the Shutdown tab.
  19. RayDorman


    Ah, sorry if I added to the confusion..didn't think about DRM'd tracks..most of mine are ripped from CD or amazon.
  20. RayDorman


    Yes, easiest way I've found is to create an mp3 version (if it's not already) of the track you wish to use. (Advanced->Create mp3 version)Then, drag this track wherever you store you LOR audio and point your sequence to that file. You may find this useful: bob wrote:
  21. If you can't find your original e-mail, you can go to: http://lightorama.com/LicenseRetrieval.html
  22. This CD has some great tracks: http://www.amazon.com/Haunted-Mansion-Original-Attraction-Soundtrack/dp/B000W05ZYO/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1318049583&sr=8-3 However, I don't think if it contains EXACTLY what you need. It does have a lot of out takes of Paul Frees during the recording process, though. You may find this useful. Additionally, I'd recommend doombuggies.com for all things Mansion...
  23. I've seen this happen with tips that are not tinned, usually if the iron has been sitting unused, but powered on, for a long time.
  24. Figured someone may find this useful... I had trouble using Blat as it doesn't natively support a TLS wrapper and I just could not get Stunnel working properly (as the Blat forum recommends when using Gmail). However sendEmail worked on the first try and supports TLS auth without any magic needed...
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