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  1. Have you taken a look at Xlights? I wouldn't recommend for this year as its getting late. FREE software is a plus. You can import LOR sequences as well. I just started from scratch with Xlights when I made the jump from 100% incans to 100% RGB.
  2. great post on setting up the pi and colorlight(s). Takes you through every step.. https://auschristmaslighting.com/threads/multiple-colorlight-cards-with-fpp-for-p5-panels-guide.11762/
  3. From what I recall it was pretty user friendly. I didn't get into it too much. Its been 9 months since I've touched it. Pretty sure you can download a free trial and give it a try
  4. I hired someone in the past to take drone footage of the display (wasn't cheap). I decided to just buy a drone as part of my blinky budget for the year. I used DJI Phantom 4 and Corel Video Studio, not that I did much editing of the drone footage. I will do a little bit better job this year hopefully with multiple views etc. 4k video is a plus
  5. You try Xlights? Its FREE and very user friendly with tons of tutorials and FREE shared sequences
  6. Facebook isn't required. You can pay $15.00 via Paypal https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.paypal.me%2Fsocalchristmas%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR13_S84VD3OSXyeNcRjm48aEUIls7Eu2FC-6Rd8-XL2PMYNJLPgrXqKu8k&h=AT2AI4A5JHFX15P1Yx9uJLrfSNaUV3xjKv9HlRSOmgC2TuNfHg60FwluyPHDdTNImIbFTJleuA750KBDH5gO4tcOFIyge9oTWtiDvWUtnDGFFu6OiBcvURW74sfsJZaH6TF3Jf2uEPM8KKGqf1Y
  7. Same location as the last ones. Where:Monster Energy Headquarters 1 Monster way, Corona, CA 92879 Join the Facebook group then you can see details. You need to join the group to RSVP and pay the $15.00 anyways.
  8. So Cal mini time again. September 7th 10am-7pm in Corona. This is going to be a pretty big event. Check out the FB page for more info. https://www.facebook.com/groups/socalchristmas/ 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Pastries, coffee, informal chit-chat, and show & tell. 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Lunch (TBD)
  9. I see you're located in Los Angeles.There is a SoCal lighting group you may want to look into. Tons of people close to you that can help out. There is a mini on September 7th in Corona. Check it out if you haven't already. www.facebook.com/groups/socalchristmas/
  10. If you want something stand alone the HC-1 panel controller is very simple and great for a tune to sign https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32643418307.html The software for it isn't the greatest but it works fine for a tune to sign. I used one of these for several years for a 3x4 P10 matrix for my tune to sign. This would be much easier and cheaper than BBB, Pi, Colorlight etc. The Matrix Pihat from CFOL is another option. I used two of the Matrix Pihats last year and it was very easy to setup and worked great. Lots of options out there
  11. uncledan

    totally new

    I would strongly recommend you read the ACL101 manual several times. This is a must for RGB or pixels. https://auschristmaslighting.com/threads/auschristmaslighting-101-manual.1889/
  12. I'm about 30 minutes away in Buellton. No longer using LOR though. 30k+ pixel display with Xlights. Glad to see someone else in the area. There aren't any other displays I know of close
  13. I suggest Xlights and its FREE! Another option worth looking into
  14. +1 for a Pi. Cant beat the price for a "show computer" at a whopping $30.00...
  15. I've tested actual current draw on over 30,000 12v nodes. NONE of them were 60ma(.06 amps). That's a very safe number if someone doesn't have the capabilities to actually test them. I find it nice to actually test items in my display and not just go off of what a vendor tells me.
  16. Lots of ways to attack this. My math says the matrix will be 24 nodes wide by 29 tall or 696 nodes(2088 channels). You could do this with 12 outputs of the pixcon with 58 nodes each and a 320/350w power supply for each bank. You can limit the intensity on the outputs and use 6 outputs of 116 nodes if you have 12v nodes. You didn't mention the voltage? Do you prefer connections on the top/bottom or sides?
  17. The easiest is to get a DC clamp ammeter. Not cheap but I find it very useful in this hobby. You can purchase a Digital Multimeter such as this for as little as $5.00. https://www.amazon.com/Function-Digital-Multimeter-Harbor-Freight/dp/B07BV833YN Its only rated for for 5a so need to be careful. Most of them are fused internally. You're running the power through the meter (in series). You could also use something like this which is typically used in the RC hobby. https://www.amazon.com/Precision-Detector-Analyzer-Current-Voltage/dp/B07PKHPC1T/ref=pd_day0_hl_60_7?_encoding=UTF8&
  18. Don't go off of what the manufacturer tells you. Test the strings. You can buy a $10 meter from Harbor Freight. I've never had 12v nodes that were 60ma white. I run my whole display at 30% intensity or less. Average is around 20ma white at 30% intensity
  19. I cut mine to length and put a piece of EMT inside the 1" Sharkbite. Left them out in the SoCal sun for a few days and they were fine. There was still a slight bend at the ends but once I put them in the bases it wasn't noticeable. A heat gun might help too
  20. The great thing about pixels is they can be used for Halloween and Christmas. I start on house outline, windows, etc in mid September usually. Halloween display comes down November 1st and its 200+ hours setting up Christmas display. Thanksgiving night the show begins
  21. I've never heard of anyone having any luck with them on any forum. Buying pixels from China is a no brainer, the controller on the other hand.... Very happy with my Falcons. Xlights is FREE and worth a look
  22. Check out the BUD Industries Enclosures on Amazon. Very spacious enclosures at a reasonable price. I use a bunch of this enclosure with no complaints. https://www.amazon.com/BUD-Industries-NBF-32026-Plastic-Economy/dp/B005T94MQU/ref=sr_1_4?s=lamps-light&ie=UTF8&qid=1530998918&sr=1-4&refinements=p_89%3ABUD+Industries
  23. Sounds like my last 24 hours. Got 20 strings of 110 nodes for mega tree and 10 Boscoyo 99 node Daycor candy canes done. So much more to do.... The new 1,000 ft rolls of the HD strip from Boscoyo is awesome!
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