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  1. I have also been trying to find a sequence for what you are talking about and can't find anything.
  2. Would love to see it too please? Also the Greatest Showman if possible? 4hoogies@gmail.com Thank you, Tara
  3. Thank you all for your help. Once I reinstalled LOR, I then did go through the steps of creating a new show on HUB, and selected the advanced for create/update sd card. For some reason, this time it worked. Maybe last time I selected LOR/ELOR instead of regular LOR for my first network. I thought I had done it correctly multiple times but just glad it finally worked. I did finally get the show to work on all controllers. Thanks again, TAra
  4. Thanks Phil. I went ahead and backed up my files, uninstalled and reinstalled LOR and I no longer get the warning #3 error. I am still getting warning 28 on a song so trying to figure that out. But it still seems strange that only ccr, pixie 2 and pixie 8 lights come on when I create a new show but not my old controllers. Those controllers are all at the end of my daisy chain.
  5. I ran the Verifier - it is saying i have a #3 Error and that Lightorama isn't fully installed on my computer. Not sure why. I don't want to uninstall and reinstall if I could potentially lose anything. Do I wait for morning and start a ticket with LOR directly? T
  6. My old show included 2 networks one for regular LOR controller boxes and high speed network for my 12 ccr tree. I can place my old show sd card in and the show works fine (minus the new pixie tree since not sequenced in). When I create a new show on a new sd card with updated sequences, the pixie tree and 12 ccr tree works (high speed network) but now none of the regular network lights come on. I have pro license, G3-Mp3 director, 5 older 1602 controllers (reg network); 12 ccr tree, a pixie2D -(one of my old ccr strings broke), and a pixie 8 tree on highspeed network AUX A). This is
  7. Finally figured out how to get the pixel tree working in the Sequence Editor but would still love any feedback on first gen vs. 2nd gen controller configuration. Thanks, T
  8. I have finally been able to incorporate the auto sequence for a pixel tree in SS and import into my S5 sequence. However, I have concern because I can't find my rgb pixie tree in my visualization when I bring up a previous sequence. So first time really playing around with S5, old sequences I open reconfigure and on my first sequence I tried this with I adjusted my Preview Window to include all my props. I can see the pixel tree added in my PreviewWindow but I can't see it when I Save preview window and try to work on my sequence. If I change my view from the sequence header to SHOW
  9. I think you wanted me to come here? I would love the sequence for this one if possible. Thank you. 4hoogies@gmail.com
  10. By the way, thank you so much for your step by step process on setting up the PIXIE 16. I was able to follow your steps perfectly. Can I ask you if you use Sequence Editor mostly for pixel lights or do you use the Pixel Editor and then transfer them into your SE? Thank you, I have been reading your posts and you have been very helpful.
  11. James, I would love some copies as well. I purchased an LOR pixel tree kit (16 strips of 25 pixels) I have been searching the internet and checking sites for purchasing just pixel tree sequences to add to the rest of my sequences. I didn't want to ask but everything i'm finding are for the ccr mega tree which I already have. I think I can use any of your versions as I have superstar, PE and SE. Thank you so much if it is possible, 4hoogies@gmail.com
  12. DevMike, So just to clarify, I have 7 regular controllers (LOR1602) on one regular network (57.6k), have a 12 ccr tree on a second network (500k) but wanted to add to this second network a Pixel Tree kit (16 strips of 25 pixels = 400pixels) as well as a pixie16 (16 strings of 100 pixels = 1600 pixels). So I have already hit the 2000 pixel mark not even including my ccr tree. I have 2 RS485 adapters (one high speed) for when I am setting everything up on my computer but I use a G3mp3 director to run the show. Am I pushing it having this much connected to my second (500k) network? Thank you
  13. Well I think we got it all figured out thanks to LOR help desk. Was using the 500 speed on both networks that couldn't handle that speed. I had even printed off network speeds earlier but didn't put the two together with my show. Tested it this afternoon so crossing fingers it is good to go tonight. Tara
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