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  1. Yeah, I feel your pain. Was just going to get the last hard to reach controller, when next thing I knew the whole display was down and in piles in the carport. Was a great day to do it, and yes it is suppose to get colder here also. And since we had thunder the Thursday, I guess I should get ready for the snow in the next week. They yard looks so barren and it has gotten harder to see where my black dog is at night.
  2. Check your network cable. I had a bad one that took the whole network down. Could not find units with hardware utility if it was connected. Thought the box had gone bad. Was really bummed until for some reason I plugged in a different cable. Boy did I get happy then. Works like a champ now.
  3. Where and how do you store the candy canes so the do not get chewy?
  4. I'll throw my MERRY CHRISTMAS into the mix and would.like RL thank everyone one that post and makes this a great place to learn how to drive the wife crazy just by playing with lights.
  5. not scalding, but pretty darn hot.
  6. Looking for some help. Wife and i had an agreement that i would only buy lights that i would use. well she found my stash of 200 GECE that i was going to try in a matrix next year due to me not getting the hang of sequencing the pixels this year. so i was wondereing if someone had a couple of sequences that would help me get out of the dog house running lor with 144 channels and was planning on adding the 200 pixels. Thanks in advance, for at least reading this. if you don't have any sequences maybe you could help an old man learn quicker on how to sequence these things. I know they a
  7. Merry Christmas to all from the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
  8. About an hour away myself if needed. To the others that responded, j am coming up to see the city park lights next week be nice to see a couple other displays in the area if you wish to pm me an address
  9. Got my box today. Thanks Earl. Really had only noticed a few strings not dimming until I added the snubbers to them, I notice a. lunch more that did not dim correctly. And it sure beats a string if in can events. Thanks once more
  10. Temps here have been great, mid to high 60's, my trouble is we can't get the sun to come out and dry anything off (rain or dense fog). And i do not want to put every thing away wet, or bring it all in the house to dry out.
  11. Done. Looks like 68% now.
  12. Just about any photo software will work. When you connect the camera just go to my computer and you should see the camera list as a removable drive. Your pics are normally in the dcim (or close to this spelling) folder. Easy share is nice for organizing but a real processorand memory hog. If you still think you need it, I'll see if i can find the disk.
  13. I'm still wondering who were the try4free winners
  14. I think if you look at the ad, they are 33% off now but Saturday only they are 50% off. I have used these over the last several years,( bought when they were 50% off and they had a trade in discount. they fade good and are nice and bright. Bigest problem I have seen is the lke to rust.
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