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  1. OK I found the thread and did my official request in there per your instructions. I don't get in the forums very often. This is my first time in years I think. Surprised I knew my password. I try and do things on my own, but was in a time crunch for a couple new songs my wife and son asked me to do for this year.
  2. Can I get a copy of this sequence please? imawlkr2@hotmail.com "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share".
  3. Can I get a copy of this from you please? Also, where did you get the audio file? Want to make sure I get the same one. imawlkr2@hotmail.com Thanks.
  4. James, could I get a copy also? Thanks. imawlkr2@hotmail.com
  5. I am looking for Sound of Silence by Disturbed and Zombie by Bad Wolves. If anyone has just the singing faces that would be great. Even better if you have the HC Drummer and guitar player also. Wife and son threw me a curve ball and wanted me to add these songs before the lights go live next weekend. Thanks for any help you can give. imawlkr2@hotmail.com Also, I am using S4 still.
  6. Thanks Don! That is what I thought, but wasn't sure. And you are correct, the channels on my roof are not part of the "show".
  7. OK, so this is the first year I am running multiple houses/sequences on one computer. I have a big LOR display in my neighbors yard that plays 5 sequences. I am now outlining my roof in RGB for Halloween as a test for Christmas. I just want the RGB lights to change colors from purple to yellow to orange to white and back (Halloween colors) during the LOR show next door. Do I add an animation sequence that is, say, 3 minutes long in the animation section of the show editor and select play concurrently, or do I add it to the background sequence section? I don't want to go back into each seq
  8. Can you send a copy to me please? imawlkr2@hotmail.com
  9. I'll work on the Dancing Santa once I get the Halloween layout done. Maybe this weekend if I find time. Still have Christmas stuff in the shed that needs incans taken off and rewrapped with new LEDs before I put them away.
  10. Well, incase someone else wants it here is my drumming skeleton. skeleton_drummer.lpf
  11. Anyone have a fixture/prop for the drumming skeleton and animated dancing santa that is sold at holidaycoro?
  12. Ahh...gotcha...missed it somehow. Thanks William.
  13. Ok..What am I missing? First post says 2013 pre-sale but not a timeframe for the sale. CDI's presale started today. Trying to get my budget ironed out for this next year.
  14. When will you be having your pre-sale? Do you have pricing available yet?
  15. Got my shirts from Jeff over the weekend. They are AWESOME! Much better quality than the ones I had printed locally. Now my son has a new shirt to wear to school.
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