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  1. thank you for your quick replies, yes i did have the all files checked ,but only get a couple of my sequences in the SSB , it is strange because they were there last year . i can play the sequences in sequence editor but not the SSB
  2. how do i get my sequences to show up in Simple Show Builder . i have sequences that are not showing up when i set up the simple show builder is there a way to get them into this program manually . there are some in the file area in SSB but not all of them like before
  3. thank you so much my gray hair was overwelming the natural color doing it one channel at a time again thank you
  4. hi . i was wondering if there was a quicker way to change the preferences when you change the device type in the channel settings in sequence editor . i am adding some dmx channels and when i click on the channel to change controllers from lor to dmx on channel settings every one is the default LOR CONTROLLER, is there a way i can change the settings to dmx universe on multiple channels. Changing each channel (512DMX channels in each universe) from a LOR controller to DMX UNIVERSE in each sequence, christmas will be over before i get one done. When setting the channels 0n the LOR control
  5. thank you both for your quick responces and helpful advice, I will look at those tutorials as you suggested thanks again.
  6. I have (3) CMB24D controllers and (7) CTB16PC .10 being the total controllers . how do you instant sequence all of the controllers in superstar seqencer instant sequence . is there a special way they have to be set up or connected ,any help would welcome and appreciated.
  7. thanks for the quick responce.,i will seek the how to"s now that i know it can be done
  8. can you use superstar sequencer to instant sequence all of your controllers ? i have three CMB24D and seven CTB16PC controllers will SS instance sequence AND export all of them
  9. i have sequences that are complete and show up in various places on my computer.But how do I get a sequence to post on the Simple Show Builder list when doing a simple show builder option . with S3 S4 software . the list shows some of my sequences but not all of them . i have clicked on the options ,16 channel,32 channel ,all files at the bottom of list window but still doesnt give me all of the sequences that i want to use. please help js
  10. ! have 1 lor unit connected to pc with an Ethernet cable , i click auto configure and it says hwu reconizes device on comm6 when i push refresh it says zero devices found ,i am on my 5th Ethernet cable and have use 4 different controllers all getting same answer. it sees a device on comm 6 but when refresh no devices found i have both cm24d and ctb16pc controllers and a usb485 adapter help js
  11. I have several of the CTB16PC and have added the CMB24D and floods . while in HWU every thing works fine, finding units ,testing the lights ect, but when in sequence editor the lights will not work. the sequence editor is playing the sequence but not lighting the lights . ,the led light flashes on controller a couple of times and then it seems to pause and then back to flashing quickly and so forth but I am old and I may be seeing things . I have the s3 advanced license with super star the ,control lights in play in the SE is checked. What am I doing wrong and why does this happen on the d
  12. I have upgraded to super star and i am trying to instant sequence but when I open an audio file and after loading I then click sequence all and I keep getting an error error :Failed to open file c:\users \shocky61\document\lightorama\superstar\clipboards\theme18.scb. I have tried several different sequences/or audio files and the same error with the only changes being as follows : the error is as above but these changes . \clipboards\theme 36.scb or clipboard\ theme17.scb. depending what audio file I try. please help
  13. hello all, thanks so much for the responces to my glitch the problem it turns out was a norton thing ,i recieve an error while trying some of your suggestions and norton error pops up tells me i have to uninstall and reinstall norton ,when i did this no more glitch ,pausing or any thing everything plays perfect not sure why but who am i to question something thats working merry christmas to you all jimmy
  15. i am running S2 and i have a hp pavilion 2.5GHz intel celeron processor 256 mb ddr sdr ram 80 gb ultra dma hard drive windows xp sp3
  16. thanks again for your responces,it seems that it pauses also while i'm in lor hardware just running test on lights stops chasing motion for a few seconds but lights stay on .then continues chasing and repeats stop this doesnt happen as frequent as when i am running a sequence. unless im wrong im guessing i have a computer problem. though this only happens with lor my windows media player doesnt seem to do this nor any other program besides lor thanks js
  17. thanks for the quick reply this happens on all my sequences while playing from editor and simple show builder, when shows are enabled .
  18. i am having a new problem with my lor when I play a sequence the music pauses and lights go dark (this happens sometimes and other times the music will stop and the lights stay on)either way this happens for a couple of seconds then it starts normal play for seconds, then does it again like it is buffering or something and it continues this start stop/ pause annoying mode all thru the sequence .besides being annoying it makes for very poor shows . I am using the same computer as last year and this never happened before . the only difference is i added a fifth controller this year. my
  19. tj , thanks for your input on my question i have the advanced license level and i think i'm up to date with v2.9.4 advanced will this allow me to do the task im trying to do using the advice from the earlier responces again thanks to you all for your very much appreciated advice js
  20. thanks for the quick and much appreciated replies i will try your suggestions and go from there thanks js
  21. i have a copy of the master layout for lor and i have 5 controllers if i want the 32 chanel mega tree layout at the address hex # 0A do i have to have 10 controllers to to reach this address or can i program the hex# for the 32 channel megatree into one of my existing controllers thanks for any help you can give shocky61
  22. this is my second year at this and i have added 2 controllers (64 channels) when i try to use the simple show builder it does not show my sequences on the add to show page. i can play my sequences if i use the sequence editor page so i know they exist.im not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed when it comes to computers and i am probably overlooking something but i have 4 days until the start of my show and i sure would appreciate any help you can give me .js
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