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  1. This is a used Ramsey fm100. $200
  2. This still needs to be assembled. It brand new in the box. Selling for $125.
  3. I have a few controllers that have been used for three seasons. They are gen 2. $200 with free shipping.
  4. The only thing left is 14 50ct C6 multi. I will sell them for $100 shipping included
  5. Here is a list of what is left 7 100ct M6 multi, 26 50ct C6 red, 9 50ct C6 green, 14 50ct C6 multi
  6. All M6 lights are sold except for 7 100ct multi M6 100 ct multi is 33ft and 50 ct is 17.5 ft
  7. I have dropped them to $8 each. Here is a list of what is left 7 100ct M6 multi, 26 50ct C6 red, 25 50ct C6 green, 14 50ct C6 multi
  8. I will do free shipping if you buy at least 10
  9. I Have brand new lights from hle that are still in the packaging. pm me and let me know how many you need. I have at least 20 of each. $10 per strand plus shipping but if you buy in bulk we can talk about a better price. 70 ct M6 green 70 ct M6 red 70 ct M6 multi 50 ct C6 red 50 ct C6 green 50 ct C6 multi
  10. I have 70 ct green m6 lights sealed from hle still in the packaging that i will sell for $10 plus shipping. pm me and let me know how many you need
  11. I can say that I'm one of the ones who didn't add anything for the show. If you look at my website my display was the same for the show as it was in 2012. But I'm sure there was a lot of people that did add stuff for the show.
  12. I'm the elf you guys are talking about. Actually the show screwed up my song. The footage you song was not even the same sequence. They used Christmas Eve audio and my blurred lines sequence which is why the sequence looked bad. I was not happy about that. If you go to my website you can see what the song is actually supposed to look like. I actually don't really like the inflatables anymore after going animated but my wife and kid love them so that is why I keep them together is for the kids.
  13. There is 27 strands of led 70ct multi. On a couple of the strands the outer bulb is missing but the inner bulb is still attached. These are sealed. Priced at $150 with shipping included.
  14. I have 20 sets of multi C3 led 200 ct and 15 sets of cool white. Some of the sets do have the female ends glued shut. I bought these from another member and do not need them. A few of the sets also have a outer bulb missing but the little bulb inside is still there and works fine. I will sell all 35 sets for $250 with shipping included.
  15. C3. Cool white. Not sure what brand but they are non sealed from one of the big box stores
  16. I have 96 strings total. There is 32 of each color red green and white 50 count led lights non sealed. The female ends have been glued to keep rain out. I am selling them for $300 shipping included.
  17. You guys did not crack the PVC when you drilled through it.
  18. I want to build a 8 arm PVC pin wheel that is only 1 ft long per arm. I know home depot sells a 4 way adapter but I need to have 8 arms. Any suggestions.
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