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  1. Apparently my pictures migrated from Facebook to here. For our show, no haze or other atmospheric effects were used, there are enough particles in the air for the light to reflect off of. For our fixtures, we only used them on weekends where there was no snow or rain, bring them in each night. For next year, we are currently planning on keeping them out all season using the Clay Paky Igloo Domes. Elation, Showtec, Tempest, and other brands make similar water resistant enclosures. As for which light to use, we demoed the following fixtures before deciding on the Clay Paky Sharpy (which uses a
  2. The 3 CCRs were purchased in 2011 or 2012, I don't remember which. Thanks John
  3. Yes the extra ribbon works perfectly. -John
  4. I still have these available. Willing to sell them separately for $120 per CCR /w controller and psu, the extra ribbon for $30, and the extra psu for $10. Thanks -John
  5. Sysco- No sorry, only looking to sell the ribbons with the psu and controllers. Lowering price to $400 + shipping. Thanks -John
  6. I am switching the last few items I have over to Sandevices controllers and no longer need my CCRs. I have 3 available and 1 extra ribbon and psu. I would like to sell everything for $450 plus shipping through Paypal. Three of the ribbons have a "warm white" color and the other has a "cool white" color(different batches of ribbons I suppose). One of the ribbons also has a spice in the wire, as shown in the picture. Another one of the ribbons also has a segment that has slightly dimmer blue LEDs than the rest. Otherwise they all work fine. Thanks John
  7. Unfortunately, no. All of the sequences are in Vixen 3 and Madrix 3. However, I can share those files if people would like me to. -John
  8. Here is the gear list(for lighting); 140 Clay Paky Sharpy120 Clay Paky Mythos94 Clay Paky B-Eye72 PRG Best Boy72 Philips Vari-Lite VL3500 Wash24 Philips Vari-LiteVL 3500 Spot16 GLP impression X4 XL12 GLP impression X4 Bar 2016 Ayrton NanoBeam-S612 Ayrton MagicRing-R18 Brite Box Flame LT3000 Long Throw Followspot7 Brite Box Flame MT3000 Medium Short Throw Followspot110 Chroma-Q Color Block62 Solaris LED FlarePRG V676 console for lighting MA Lighitng grandMA for the projection and orb control
  9. All of the video content was projected from above, presumable in a double or triple stacked configuration(2-3 projectors stacked on top of one-another projecting the exact same image to effectively make it brighter). I will see if I can find some of the renders showing the projectors. Most of the stage was no more than 6 feet high, although most of the stage used LED screens mounted on the floor, not projection. -John
  10. Remember, most if not all of the equipment is running at 208/240 vac because of how easy it is to distribute large amounts of power over smaller cables. Thus, they are using 5,200,000 watts of power at 208 vac, not 3,000,000 watts of power at 120 vac. You also need to take into account that the projectors(for example) only take around 20amps at 208vac each, that's not as much power as one would think. Also, here are some renders. http://livedesignonline.com/super-bowl-xlix-2015-halftime-show/super-bowl-2015-halftime-show-views ....and a timelapse of the setup. ......and here are some more
  11. Here is some more info on the show. 24 Cameras 5 Chapman Sideline Carts 2 Jibs 2 Steadi-Cams 1 Helicopter 90 26k Projectors 384 LED Tiles 582 Feet of Blades 765 Lighting Instruments (including Clay Paky Mythos, GLP impression X4 S, X4 XL and X4 Bar 20, Elation Platinum Beams[unsure if extreme or regular]) 8 D3 Servers 10 Flame Cannons & A Lot of Pyro 25,000 amps of Power 1/2 Mile of Truss 18 Audio Field Carts w/ 108 Speakers 24 Stage Carts 1 24' Long x 12' High Lion Puppet 1 18,000 Square Foot Projection Surface 48 Golf Carts 1 Flying by Foy Rig More than 850 Costumes 24,000 Sq Feet o
  12. I guess it's better late than never. There are roughly 80,000 lights, 64 universes of DMX control, about 5000 pixels, sandevices pixel controllers, a mix of LOR, Lynx and Renard AC controllers, all controlled by Madrix triggered from Vixen 3. The track list is as follows: Gula- Deadmau5 Carol of the Bells- August Burns Red Amazing Grace(Dance Remix)- Yule What Child is This- Trans Siberian Orchestra Wizards in Winter- Trans Siberian Orchestra Thanks -John https://www.facebook.com/WethersfieldLights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tSNPfoCmu0
  13. I have used Madrix and GrandMA2 with Lightorama and other software for 2 years now. Shoot me a PM if you have any questions, i'll try my best to answer them. -John
  14. Here is the equipment used . http://livedesignonline.com/super-bowl-xlviii-2014-halftime-show/super-bowl-xlviii-2014-halftime-show-lighting -John
  15. I used 1/2 inch pvc in a grid pattern help up by i-bolts under the windows. Hope this helps. (yes I took that picture today, I haven't "gotten around" to taking it down ) http://i1314.photobucket.com/albums/t563/John2571/photo5_zps68a0d8b3.jpg
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