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  1. Heat gun or torch. They used hot glue. I use silicon 2 to reseal. When sealing, don't let the silicon reach the board. Test b4 sealing, wait 2 days to cure b4 hanging.
  2. If you buy more of these tubes, take a close look at the pictures, look for usb jack on power supply. These are not as bright as the 12v ones.
  3. I have about 300 of those tubes. The power supplies are not weather proof! I cover mine w a plastic bag. You can run 12dc and eliminate the power supply. I also deconstruct them and replace the wire w longer 18 gauge speaker wire and reseal with silicon2.
  4. If I were starting from scratch, 100% dumb RGB ribbon and strings. No AC strings. DC controllers. For first year, add pixels when ready for adventure. Going the RGB route, you can do so many creative things. Permanent landscape lighting, change it up for whatever holiday, less to setup for the big show.
  5. I'm surprised nobody mentioned this, for dealing with 8 channels, you only need 9 pins. Common ground.
  6. Hi guys, it's been awhile since I've been on here. Last 3 years I've been running in animation mode, haven't had the time to program songs. This year I'm back into it. Adding about a 1000 pixels this year along with Christmas tree quartet. I currently have advanced S3 w/superstar. Currently been looking at Xlights and its seems a lot easier to use and setup. Wondering if S4 is worth the upgrade. Also wondering when S5 is coming out, any rumors on what's new?
  7. How come LOR doesn't jump in on this to explain why they haven't addressed this. Seems like it would be easy to add a dialog box to select speed like you would select intensity with a firmware upgrade if needed.
  8. Sooooo, why not a firmware upgrade? This has been on the wishlist for years. My programming computer is currently dead and sequencing on my show computer is no fun.
  9. Currently using S3 and dumb rgb objects, Can you change the speed of shimmer and twinkle in S4? I know this used to be a wish list item, but haven't heard any more on it. Would love to be able to select speed and fade from slow to fast.
  10. I know how you feel Orv. Last year I didn't have the time and money to sequence to music and repair some stuff. I went static with a lot of meteor tubes. I really missed the lights with music. This year trying to get my landscape lights the way I want them and more meteor tubes. Still haven't started sequencing yet, and not sure if I will. I will be 'on call' 24/7 for work soon, so not sure what's gonna get done. I also haven't been on the forum as much as I used to. I miss some of the oldtimers and funny threads, plus everyone seems to be way ahead of me with pixels and stuff, I'm n
  11. Don't forget the led indicators on the controllers
  12. Buy a bigger house and land and bribe George to sequence for me! Maybe buy my own led making equipment so I don't buy the cheap crap from china!
  13. I enjoy working with the technology and building props, I hate sequencing. I enjoy the kind comments during the year when working in the yard. I would love to hire George to sequence for me, but he would look at my visualizer and say "WTF, dude!" Seriously, I wouldn't blame him
  14. I would enjoy them as well! mr_led@frontier.com
  15. Green and Gold would look a lot better!
  16. Go for a dive in your own aquarium, I got bit in the ear lobe once. I had a wetsuit on for other protection.
  17. Just use a bead of silicon, gives the backside better weather protection. If you need to replace a section down the road, razor blade works well.
  18. Max-Paul PM'd me about my statement above that I should maybe clarify. "Running a string of lights designed for AC won't work if you hook up to a DC power supply at least here in the USA." I was talking about our lights here that run on 120V AC. I brainfarted and forgot you were talking about a 24V AC string and wanting to run it on 24V DC. Do you have pic of just the string of lights? How many bulbs in series and how many series to the full string? The rectifier should be in series of each series curcuit.
  19. The transformer only reduces or can increase voltage. The rectifier will convert the bottom part of sinewave to positive so that your lights are peaking at 120hz. Running a string of lights designed for AC won't work if you hook up to a DC power supply at least here in the USA.
  20. If you have two strips of 16' ribbon for a 32' run, connect your power in the middle where the two ribbons would meet.
  21. Need some high powered floodlights that are white only? Get auxilary driving lights for vehicles from Amazon. Most of us have plenty of 12V power sources laying around not doing anything i bet. there are a wide variety of styles, brightness and prices. They are rugged and weather proof too. Also the fixtures are smaller and easy to conceal and wires directly to any DC controller, no hacking. These are the ones I just got for my van except my order was a 2 pack for $25, but same light. http://www.amazon.com/Light-Military-Offroad-Auxiliary-Driving/dp/B00LX2D94I/ref=sr_1_94?ie=UTF8&qi
  22. Superb sequencing!!! Love your display!
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