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  1. Shop Ebay, pretty much the same deals as a couple yrs ago when this thread started. I got 4 sets this year so far. I'm restringing mine with new longer thicker wire. The power supplies are not sealed! I had one come apart while unplugging it!
  2. I got mine for free from one of my customers, about a half box solid strand. It's been handy but not good for outside.
  3. Tom, Are you doubling up the wires in the cat5? Up here, I can't really use cat wire, it becomes brittle in cold weather. If I set it out on a warm day I can't touch it unless it's warm out. I've had the out jacket break on me several times. Anyone else have this issue? If not, what cat wire are you using? I agree with the above posts, there are some where the green and blue can handle up to 12V.
  4. BTW, kids are way overrated! Less headaches with putting on a show!
  5. Wife let me make a much needed purchase for my project today so I can proceed. Could be picture ready enough by end of next weekend.
  6. Not doing pics till it's done. Room is currently a mess. I doubt I'll have it done before Christmas, so don't hold your breath. I need to have a lot of Patience for this project. Patience is a hint, but I won't respond to any guesses.
  7. Frickin cold today. Managed to get my Ball Tree up today. Tomorrow get the second burst up on the roof. Hopefully start some testing tomorrow night. I did get some indoor projects done in my lab today. I'm getting antsy to get my lab makeover done soon.
  8. Don't use solderless connectors or the four pin connectors that are already on the ribbons. It may work when you built in summer, but will fail come late fall and it'll be a pain in the butt to solder when it's cold out in the middle of your yard. If you use the silicon coated ribbon, lay it in silicon, the back side is not moisture proof!
  9. Last summer, someone gave me their old trampoline frame to use for my fan. I got it done and holding up very well against the wind today. Can't wait to fire it up and see how it looks. It was more work than last years setup, but it's bigger and made some modifications from last year. Next year need to add more channels and lights to it to fill it in better. Also made a lot of progress on my project in my work room this last week, currently way ahead of schedule on it.
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