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  1. Heat gun or torch. They used hot glue. I use silicon 2 to reseal. When sealing, don't let the silicon reach the board. Test b4 sealing, wait 2 days to cure b4 hanging.
  2. If you buy more of these tubes, take a close look at the pictures, look for usb jack on power supply. These are not as bright as the 12v ones.
  3. I have about 300 of those tubes. The power supplies are not weather proof! I cover mine w a plastic bag. You can run 12dc and eliminate the power supply. I also deconstruct them and replace the wire w longer 18 gauge speaker wire and reseal with silicon2.
  4. If I were starting from scratch, 100% dumb RGB ribbon and strings. No AC strings. DC controllers. For first year, add pixels when ready for adventure. Going the RGB route, you can do so many creative things. Permanent landscape lighting, change it up for whatever holiday, less to setup for the big show.
  5. I'm surprised nobody mentioned this, for dealing with 8 channels, you only need 9 pins. Common ground.
  6. Hi guys, it's been awhile since I've been on here. Last 3 years I've been running in animation mode, haven't had the time to program songs. This year I'm back into it. Adding about a 1000 pixels this year along with Christmas tree quartet. I currently have advanced S3 w/superstar. Currently been looking at Xlights and its seems a lot easier to use and setup. Wondering if S4 is worth the upgrade. Also wondering when S5 is coming out, any rumors on what's new?
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