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  1. The snowmen are using TSL3001 based pixel strips, 32 pixels per meter, 32 ICs per meter, 5 vdc. There are 134 Pixels on each snowman with all of them connected to a Sandevices E681 controller.
  2. I have two unassembled LOR kits. Never touched. I'd sell them for 20% off what they cost in the first place. "ELOR" kits that is.
  3. Heh, I see six megatrees turning into Pixel megatrees!
  4. The only thing I've found to work for me is a Daisy pellet gun, 10 pumps. We're thick with squirrels and rabbits here.
  5. Here's LOR S3 (3.80) running over 1k pixels at very high speeds without any issues whatsoever. Many thanks to those that worked on this addition, it's performing quite excellently! (the snowmen in front have 134 pixels on each one of them, E1.31 out to Sandevices E681s to talk to them)
  6. Nice find! Snagging that one for Halloween for sure.
  7. First off guys, thanks for E1.31! Now having said that, I have some requests to make life a LOT easier using LOR's DMX modes. First off, a more efficient way to convert existing channels from LOR protocol over to a DMX universe. I am unable to find any way to change an entire controller such that it will automatically address the channels. I have been switching all of my DC controllers and FireFli controllers over to DMX. I've had to do the following: 1. Change the controller type to DMX. 2. Change the universe to it's appropriate value (2 in this case) 3. Change the address to the DMX
  8. Unfortunately, the original FireFli-LOR code has issues with any commands shorter than 3/20ths of a second. It also has numerous issues with mis-interpreting network commands and turning on the entire chain, usually in red only for some reason. The new DMX version of the FireFli firmware fixes all of that since it's being refreshed 40 frames per second. I have seven FireFlis in my setup, on a seperate network (moving to DMX control for this next season) LightORamaJohn wrote: When the CCR was first introduced, LOR began migrating to interrupt driven network processing. This wasn't done
  9. Yes, I worded that badly. What I meant was that the ELOR uses a Prop controller CPU instead of just a PIC. There's more processor power available so that it can keep up with the maximum throughput that the LOR network can do. That's not a big deal compared to CCRs, but compared to stuff like FireFli (which doesn't keep up nearly as well) it matters. LightORamaJohn wrote: The last paragraph does not make sense to me. No LOR controller polls the network. Controllers accept commands at whatever speed the network sends them, otherwise they would miss commands. The speed of the processor i
  10. Actually Jeff I've been hanging out in the back there for weeks, you just haven't noticed! Jeff Millard wrote: Have you been peeking through the window to my workshop Gary??? :cool: Jeff
  11. Naturally we are assuming one LOR network per ELOR device here. That scenario has already been initially tested with good results, pushing 2k pixels with a LOR S3 -> ELOR -> E681 pixel controller setup. There will be some more intensive testing, trying to push the limits but it seems to work fine so far. You have to remember, when using CCRs, you're dependant on the speed of the CCR controller itself in listening and accepting commands. The ELOR uses a much faster processor and is able to poll it's incoming LOR network much more efficiently. srwmemphis wrote: I'm with you. I j
  12. Just FYI, I contacted the group directly and they have made the song available to purchase. To get your legal copy, here's the address: http://spiraling.net/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=19
  13. I contacted the group directly and they have put 'Do you hear what I hear?" up so it can be purchased. Many thanks to those that got me a copy anyway, but I prefer to only use music that I've picked up the right way. For anyone else that is interested, here's where to get it: http://spiraling.net/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=19
  14. I wonder if Spiraling *can* sell that song. It sure sounds like the synth sequences are sampled straight out of Baba Oreilly.
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