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  1. I had one more question on this. The strip that had the stuck pixels was a newer strip. The section I tried to replace was from an older strip. (the difference being the older strip has the 4 wires coming from it that are all separate and held together about every 6" with a band around it. The newer strip has the 4 wires all attached to each other as one piece. Although the actual strip itself seems identical maybe there is a difference in them? I was trying to fix the newer strip with a section taken from my older strip. Do you think that is the issue in trying to repair this? Thank
  2. I have had this happen before and was able to fix by cutting out the bad section and replacing it with a new one from a spare CCR I have This time it won't work. I originally tried to cut out the one section of 3 stuck pixels and replace it, didn't work. So I then cut out the 3 pixels before and after the bad section and put in a 9 pixel replacement, still doesn't work. The strip was at least working before with the 3 pixels stuck on but now the lights will only work up to the point of repair and then won't work after it. In fact the section after the repaired spot now stay
  3. I have had this problem multiple times. What was happening for me was that the spring loaded "pins" if you want to call them that inside the jack get stuck in the down position sometimes so don't make contact with your cat5 cable when you plug it in. I had to take the smallest flat head jewelers screwdriver (or a pin or something small like that) and I used a lighted magnifying glass to look inside the jack and had to play with the pins until they all sprung back up and I have been able to get them to work again every time I've tried this. Hope that helps. Neal
  4. I'll get with him and see if that fixes the issue. I tested it out on my computer and the visualizer still worked even with multiple sequences open in sequence editor. As long as you were on whichever tab the sequence is on the visualizer buttons worked fine and played the sequence so I can't replicate the issue on my computer. Thanks
  5. I am helping out a friend with his sequences and his visualizer and when the visualizer is In simulation mode the Play SE and Stop SE buttons don't work. The stop sim button works. Also if I hit play on the sequence in the sequence editor it will start playing and I can then click on the open visualizer to bring it to the front and it is working correctly. It just won't start from within the visualizer itself. Has anyone had this issue or heard of it? Thanks
  6. I have some available at: www.valleycenterholidaylights.com/sequences.html Thanks Neal
  7. Here is my first finished sequence for this year. Disco Santa by the Village People
  8. They were fine for a couple of years then went bad. It turns out that the pixels or circuit before the bad pixels were actually the problem not the 3 pixels themselves. I replaced not just the (what I thought) 3 bad pixels but the 3 before and after them and it started working again.
  9. Here are the "real" videos of my new sequences for this year as opposed to just my computer previews. I had one CCR have 3 pixels go bad that I was able to fix and another that had a rip in the weatherproof jacket and burned out so I was out of commission for a good week but back up and running. Thanks for looking Music Box Dancer Snowman/Summer mashup song Let it Go Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree http://youtu.be/7umW4IOT0W8?list=UUTNDupwuNcBW1X92Hm7ucbQ http://youtu.be/MZ021uQki4g?list=UUTNDupwuNcBW1X92Hm7ucbQ http://youtu.be/M1K0tWHjPpw?list=UUTNDupwuNcBW1X92Hm7ucbQ http://youtu
  10. Another awesome sequence Dave! I keep pondering whether I need to move up to 16 strings or not..sure opens up more graphic possibilities! Neal
  11. Sorry, I guess I haven't checked this post in a while. Someone else answered it in an earlier response but I do sell them so I can't give them away obviously in fairness to all who purchase them. www.valleycenterholidaylights.com/sequences.html
  12. So I replaced the 3 pixels that were bad (not displaying green) and it didn't work, I tried a different section of the 18" piece that was sent to me and it didn't work either. So I tried just soldering the two sections together with the bad pixels removed and that also didn't work so I started thinking that there must be something wrong either before or after the bad pixels that making them not work correctly so I cut out the 3 pixels before and after the bad section so now 9 pixels were removed. I soldered in the new section of 9 pixels and yeah! it started working again! Too bad one of my ot
  13. A very nice person on the Facebook LOR users site is sending me an extra 18" piece he had sitting around after custom cutting some of his. I'll let everyone know how it goes in replacing that section. Very hopeful and excited that I won't have to buy another replacement strip!!
  14. I tested my CCR tree tonight and 3 pixels in a row in the middle of the strip won't display green. Red and blue work fine. I tried resetting the controller but nothing. Is the strip bad? Any suggestions?? Thanks Neal
  15. Here is my latest (most likely last for this year) sequence for 2014 Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee
  16. Great job Jill! Glad you were able to get back to it. There are definitely times when I just lack the motivation or creativity but it always comes back. Neal
  17. New for 2014. Happy by Pharrell 77 channels of regular lights plus 9 cosmic color ribbons. Please to enjoy! http://youtu.be/CLVfLeMxF4I?list=UUTNDupwuNcBW1X92Hm7ucbQ
  18. Hi, because I sell mine (I have for several years now) I can't give them away. That wouldn't be fair/ethical to paying customers. If you are interested them I have them available here: www.valleycenterholidaylights.com/sequences Thanks
  19. Here's my last sequence for 2014. Rock Lobster by B-52's. Hope to have "real" video up soon.
  20. Yeah, I have 12 controllers and replacing it with another one the ribbon works fine. Neal
  21. One of my CCR controllers feels hot to the touch and the CCR strip is lit all white. It won't reset. Removing/replacing power cord doesn't fix. The network pass-thru works but it can't be found in the hardware utility. Is it shot?
  22. Thanks for posting your comments and worries. I hope that people aren't re-selling my or anyone else's work. That is unfair to obviously myself but many other people as well. I did try doing my own searching and I can't find anyone else selling it (crossing my fingers) There are a lot of people out there that build websites and create links to products/services like they are representing them but it is just a link back to my ebay store or similar. I believe they are doing it to get click throughs to valid sites that pay for clicked on links that end up in sales on their websites i.e. eBay, Ama
  23. Here is my finished sequence to a custom version/mash up I made out of Do you want to build a Snowman with the Summer song from Frozen. Thanks for looking!
  24. I didn't know they were filming this. It was a neighbor's son-in-law and the just got it to me a few weeks ago!
  25. This video was sent to me from a spectator/fan of my Christmas show. I believe this was from a quad-copter with a GoPro camera. I'm hoping to dub in the correct audio soon. http://youtu.be/XfU3NvKAWpc?list=UUTNDupwuNcBW1X92Hm7ucbQ
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