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  1. I have it. Ill send it to you.
  2. I am needing someone to program a 30 second sequence of the KC Chiefs logo and arrowhead scrolling up a 16 string CCR tree. I can then just loop it. Can someone do this? I am happy to pay. Mike
  3. Is it not the best feeling in the world when you turn on for the first time, run hardware utility, and it finds all of your units the 1st time? It makes me giddy every year. Beer drinking and testing this evening.
  4. Do I just simply daisy chain my new Pixi 16 with my other controllers? Yes I have the fast connector. Mike
  5. Rephrase. C7 or C9 TYPE RGB dumb strings. LOR used to have them.
  6. Can someone direct me where to buy dumb C7 size RGB strings. Seems all I can find are intelligent ones. Thanks in advance,
  7. IT WORKED!!! The speed setting was the problem. Thank you everyone for your help!!
  8. Jim, I was set at 57.6K. I probably should run 500k with the CCR tree and I have the RS435HS adapter. It will be next week before I can plug back in and test since I just took my setup down for a party (my 50th) I hope it is a simple as this. Thank you for the tip!!
  9. I don't know. How do I check this? This is my first year using CCR's. You might be onto something. Let me know how to check this if you can.
  10. Oh, no, sorry. I do not have one of those. I ran a show because someone said it takes less memory for the computer to run a show than running the sequence editor.
  11. I have tested running the sequence from both the sequence editor and show director.
  12. I am only testing a 16 string CCR tree. Nothing else The guy who sold me the sequences said he has setup many Pixi 16 with DMX. He claims my controller is not configured right. This is where I got them. https://www.holidaysequences.com/
  13. It's the RS485 HS (red) adapter. Pixi16 controller on LOR network. What screenshot would help? Someone suggested I should run this on a DMX universe but I have no idea how to do that. I just updated the firmware on the controller and it did not help.
  14. Well $600 in a new computer did NOT fix this. I turned off windows search, nothing. I am running a Pixi 16 controller on LOR network. Any suggestions as to what to do next?
  15. This is my first year using 4.0. My show on demand is greyed out and not clickable. How do I turn it on?
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