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  1. DevMike, The GT740 is a nice card but I have the ASUS GTX780 and I'll tell you with the Haswell 3770K it is the best graphics performance I've ever seen. Even in the current Visualizer it helps, hopefully my 8,000 pixels will be nothing for the new Pixel Protocol and Visualizer. I just hope both changes hit before November!
  2. I have about 10,000' I'm not using this year that I'd be willing to sell. Most of it is cut in lengths, however most lengths are greater than 20' long. In Indiana if anyone is close enough to drive to pick it up or I can stuff a Home Depot moving box full Make me an offer on some or all of it Nick
  3. As mentioned before the Bose QC15's are the best noise cancelling headphones on the on the market. They utilize the same technology found in the Pilot version of the headset. I've had mine since they came out and still on the original pair. The frequency response is amazing and for a Bose product, quite surprising. I'd put my QC15's up against the B&W's, the B&O's, or even the HD Series from Sennheiser. That's how good they are and if you think $300 is expensive for headphones, look at the B&O or the Sennheiser HD1200...Those are $1,500 headphones. A smart way to find the bes
  4. bump... I'd like to see speed improvement with Pixels and Color Selection in the software in an easier interface than the color fade tool, which is just lacking. Thanks Dan,
  5. I've posted a classified over at PC for the Lights For Riley Sell OFF! We are going a different direction in 2013 and have listed all of our major items thus far. The link to the classified page is here: http://forums.planetchristmas.com/index.php?/classifieds/item/553-lights-for-riley-display-entire-display-for-sale/
  6. I'll Take this up this year. Thanks Dale W on PC for doing it last year. Email me your name and address. nick@lightsforriley.com I will prepare the list in word and pdf it for labels- NOTE - I'd like to do the Christmas Card Exchange a little differently this year in that I would like to include users from the following groups: Planet Christmas Forums Facebook User Group Light-O-Rama Users Facebook User Group Extreme Pixels & LEDS If you have another group that you'd like to add to the list to get a MEGA-Christmas Card Exchange going, let me know! Everybody that wants to participate sho
  7. I have this one and it's great! It puts the processing on the Dongle just like the Entec Pro! So it's not reliant on your computer speed... To add to the topic, I have used the DMX micro to control a Fog machine at a party earlier this year with great success. I worked like a charm. perhaps the fogger unit's dmx board you have is bad. Have you tried running the LOR dongle in DMX mode and then wiring up the fogger through cat5? I'd try that before ordering another dongle or fogger... I haven't found this to be the case. I've put the USB485 in DMX mode and used it standalone, I've also u
  8. I've made our 256 Channel LOR S3 Sequences from the 2011 show available at www.LightsforRiley.com/sequences.html. If you use the sequence in your display this year, please let us know...we love watching the videos! So here's your "early" Merry Christmas in July! Nick W. Lights For Riley www.LightsForRiley.com
  9. oh yeah... lol nick@lightsforriley.com
  10. Could I also get a copy? I've been working on this song for a bit and anything you have will help a lot. I'll be sure to return what I have. Thanks, Nick
  11. njwatkins1


    Actually there is a much much simpler way. When you have the file from the iTunes store that you want to use, just change your settings to rip CD's in iTunes from AAC to WAV. Then right click on the song and select create WAV version. WAV files have no DRM or protection otherwise and they seem to work better with sequencing in LOR anyway. If you are worried about the file size with WAV, simply open the WAV in Audacity or Cool Edit Pro (Adobe Audition (This is what I use for all audio editing)) and convert to mp3.
  12. The issue you are running into is the protected MP3 from iTunes. Try changing your settings to WAV and then export the MP3/AAC File as WAV and it will work fine. The long way around if you still want to use MP3, is to open the exported MP3 from iTunes in an "OLDER" MP3/Audio Editor (like Cool Edit Pro or Adobe Audition) and then save as something else. That should also work. If you still can't get it, send me the file and I'll fix it and send back to you. Nick
  13. yeah Sorry about that... I'm just as excited as everyone else!!
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