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  1. While in the sequence that has the face, click on the File menu and select "save as" and save to something like "myFaces" Bring up superstar for the other sequence and click on the File menu and select "open" and open "myFaces." This is just to get the images into the new sequence. You can then click on the Edit menu and choose "select all" and delete all the effects. But the images should stay there.
  2. Good. Looks like the problem got fixed after 5.5.16
  3. Actually, I did some testing and I think I found a bug in the code. I think I have fixed it so the resolution can go quite a bit higher. Send me an email at brian@superstarlights.com
  4. Reducing the resolution will make the effects a little more blocky. But you need to reduce it enough so you don't get that error.
  5. What version are you running? Did you get any warnings when superstar first launched? The first thing to try is to go back to the Sequencer, In the Preview that you are using for the Motion effect row for superstar I expect you are using "Preview" for the arrangement. Try setting the resolution one notch lower and see if that helps.
  6. Send an email to brian@superstarlights.com and we can arrange for me to remote into your computer
  7. I can think of two ways to do this: Method #1 Change the above to say nbr of segments = 1, Exact nbr of RGB nodes total = 25 Add another "Lines-Connected" shape. Set it to 1 segment and 25 pixels also. Set the start circuit to 76 Method #2 Add a "Lines-Unconnected" shape. set # of segments =2 With the "Lines-Unconnected" shape you will have two independent lines. They can be of any length. The software will automatically set the number of pixels for each line proportionally. In other words, only if each line segment is close to the same length will they each have 25 pixels.
  8. Do not define the light strings as controllers. Define them as 25 pixels and set the addressing appropriately. Also, realize that when you assign a unit ID to the Pixie 2 controller it will use that unit ID for the first string and will automatically use the unit ID after that for the second string. So, back to the addressing, for pixels 1-25 set the appropriate unit ID and then set the first pixel to channel 01 and let it automatically assign channels to the remaining pixels. For pixels 26-50 set the same unit ID but set the channel of pixel 26 to 76. It's a little confusing, but realize the channel should be equal to (pixel number) times 3 minus 2. If you need further clarification let me know.
  9. Select the effects you want to modify. If you only have one effect selected you can just click on "modify." If you have more than one effect selected you can use "group modify" to modify all selected effects. The effects are the bars in the time layers near the top of the screen just below the toolbar.
  10. If you are starting out with one image, for example, starting out with the whole face with the mouth shut, you can do the following: 1- select the images you want to fade 2- In the Image dialog box in the lower left, set the "PreRamp" time to something like 1 second. 3- click on the "Group Modify" button The above will put a ramp at the beginning so that the images fade in over 1 second.
  11. Hmm, not sure what is happening. It sounds like you are doing it correctly but it should of course be saving your changes. email me at brian@superstarlights.com and I can set up a time to remote into your computer.
  12. In S4, you need a visualization of your singing face. Do you have a visualization of your singing face?
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