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  1. You are correct that superstar passes back the contents of a .sup file to the sequencer. It does so in the LORInternal and LORInternal\SSTemp directories. But it would not help you to save those files. They are temporary and the Sequencer only looks for them at the time that it gets control back from superstar. The sequencer then puts the .sup information into the LOREdit file. Note that the .avi files can be reproduced by double clicking on the superstar data in the S5 Sequencer and after superstar comes up, shut down superstar and the .avi file will be recreated. Think of the .avi file
  2. Admittedly it is not the ideal solution because you are saving the whole sequence, which happens to save the images as well. For next year I would like to add a way to only save the images and only load in the images.
  3. After you get the faces the way you want, click on the File menu and select "Save" and save it to a name like "singing_faces_adjusted" This will save the current images to a .sup file. Next time you start a new sequence, click on "open" and open the .sup file you saved and your adjusted images should be there.
  4. I don't know why superstar would not be playing back your arches. I would like to remote in and take a look at it. Send an email to brian@superstarlights.com and I can set up a day and time to remote in.
  5. Did you get my email with instructions on how to get the executable with the fix?
  6. I have changed the code so that when superstar is launched from the S5 Sequencer and you go into "floating windows" mode, the initial window is sized to the aspect ration of the Preview that was passed in from the Sequencer. After that, when you resize the floating window then the Preview shrinks/stretches to fit the window. Is this how you would like it to work?
  7. Have you been able to make a visualization of your singing face?
  8. There is a video tutorial that shows how to draw light strings on a house. You would do the same thing, except each light string is an element of your singing face. Go to the lightorama main website, click on Support, then click on "Tutorials and PDFs." Scroll down to the superstar section. The go about 2/3 the way down in the superstar section and look for: Creating a Visualizer Visualizations for SuperStar At about 1:20 into the tutorial she starts drawing light strings on the house.
  9. The 4 CCR license will export up to 600 channels. If your Santa Claus face is made from traditional lights then it certainly uses less than 400 channels. So you 4 CCR license should work. If you are using S4 then you need to make a Visualization of your Santa Claus face. Have you used the Visualizer before?
  10. Yes, you can use the auto singing face feature for traditional lights. Do you have the lightorama singing faces or a singing face from somewhere else?
  11. The previous person that reported this problem had their lightorama folder on a cloud drive. I did not know about there being cloud backup, so now I know. Glad you found the problem! By the way, Matt Brown, the programmer for the Sequencer has said he will put a retry loop in the code to prevent this problem in the future. So after the next release this problem should go away.
  12. I do stay up late, but I'm getting old, I often take a nap in the middle of the day. Nice to be self-employed! As for the "process cannot access the file" error, I'm pretty sure it is happening for the reason I stated. I'm going to ask Matt Brown and get his opinion.
  13. The SuperStarResponse.lid is one of the files used to transfer the data between superstar and the sequencer. Superstar writes the file and then the Sequencer reads it. I have seen this problem happen in a few other cases. This most commonly happens when running on a cloud drive, or any drive that may have a delay in the read and write of files. I believe what is happening is that the Sequencer tries to read the file before the file is closed. But it does not appear that the path you give is on a cloud drive. Is it a normal local drive?
  14. Think of the normal license and the superstar license as being one item. When you do an upgrade on either one, you should see it. And they both use the same key. But, also realize that when you do an upgrade you do not need the key, that is stored on your computer. All you need to do is launch the Sequencer, click on the Help menu and register again. If you have already done that and did not see the upgrade, the most common reason is that the upgrade was done using a different email that the original purchase of the license. If they are done using different email addresses, then you
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