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  1. Hello, I've been an LOR subscriber for a while now but got out of the decorating as all kids are off to college. I have enough gear to put together a 4-6 room haunted house which is what I did for years. The gear includes pneumatic pistons of all lengths, pneumatic fittings, triggers, smoke machines, decorations, lighting, sound, strobe lights, etc. I also have 7 LOR 16 channel controllers. Everything I have has been used but is in working condition. The only item that won't go with the sale is my compressor. I would like to get $1,000 AS IS. There is well over $4,000 in all gear.
  2. Also, for reference, I have confirmed that I have good power to both banks of channels and 9-16 are working fine. Just fyi
  3. have 8 controllers and hardware utility finding all 8 controllers however channels 1-8 on #4 not working. First year this has happened since 2010. Bad controller? Thanks fellow LOR. Bryan
  4. Thanks Bob. Truly a huge help. Please keep the video's coming. Bryan Chandler, AZ
  5. To all, appreciate any help you can offer. I have 7 units. HWU is finding 6 of the 7 but not unit 5. I have units running in series so the cat5 is going through unit 5 and picking up units 6 & 7. I have rebooted computer and unit 5, re-ran the HWU and still nothing. It was working just yesterday fine. At a loss. Thanks for any advice you can offer. Bryan Phx, AZ
  6. Worked beautifully. Thank you again for all your help. Bryan
  7. Thank you. This is the first time the laptop has been used for the shows. I'll try downloading the drivers. Much appreciated. Bryan
  8. Hello All, Having a strange issue with my Laptop. I have connected all 7 controllers and my desktop PC found them no problem. I switched to my Laptop and the hardware utility won't find any of the controllers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Bryan Phx, AZ
  9. I just came back to the forums from the abyss, and had someone reach out to me because they saw I was in their area. Great feeling to know that you have others in your area that area as nuts as you and may be able to lend a helping hand.
  10. Hey Mike and Patti. Great question. depends on wattage of each.
  11. It's been a little while since I've been back. Major computer issues and changeovers. Needless to say I have V 2.13 Advanced and thinking of upgrading to S3. Has everyone upgraded to the latest? Are there enough software upgrades to justify it? If so, what would be the upgrade for me if I have the advanced version of S2? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thank you all again for the great help. Looking forward to getting them in and integrating them. Mucho Appreciated.
  13. Thank you for the recommendation. Always appreciated. I'm looking for an all around effect rather than uniform. Thinking the Xeons are going to be my choice. Not a big LED fan. Old school boy I guess. Thanks again.
  14. Very useful. Thank you for the information. I think the Xenon's are the way to go. Appreciate the follow up.
  15. Thank Vikester, Much appreciated. Was hoping that was the case. Thank you again for quick reply.
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