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  1. Deleting the schedule files didn't work. I have removed LOR and will re-install it.
  2. Phil - this is the current version. I haven't updated my profile as far as what version I'm running. This is a problem with the scheduler. If I run the show on demand, there is no problem.
  3. And I run this show on demand and it runs ok. Geez.
  4. I have used LOR for years and years with little to no problems. This year I setup the smallest show I have ever run and the show hasn't run right for one night. I have tried to start an animation from scratch with simple effects and I get this error when I run the schedule. It ran ok in the sequencer. I gotta say, this year has really really sucked! 4:05:58 PM: ERROR WITH SEQUENCE (Object variable or With block variable not set) Animation:
  5. As Emily Latilla would say.... Nevermind. I just loaded the sequence from the last time I ran the show and everything (pretty much) is working now.
  6. I haven't run my display for a couple of years now, but I have recently gotten S5 and am planning on bringing it back next year. I am having problems getting some RGB pixels to show in the preview window. They came in as archived props and I managed to get one of the arches going, but I can't for the life of me figure out what I did! I wasn't able to find my most recent LEE file from that year, so I have props that aren't designed in the visualizer file. I am at my wits end! Please help!
  7. I have spoken to Colleen many times about the 40k requirement. While I am right at the minimum give or take, I am actually doing more with less physical lights each year. For instance, last year I had 1600 lights on a oak tree in front of the house, this year I put 600 pixels on it. While I did use the 1600 lights somewhere else, what I put on that tree is significantly less (i does look really nice though). You need to understand that she takes a lot of crap from people that let their egos get the best of them. I know I have had people challenge my light count though I know EXACTLY how man
  8. I was able to see this window with the WINDOWS SHIFT LEFT arrow combination. I didn't see it at first, but the next time I went to file/open i got to it.
  9. This computer has 4 monitors on it. 3 of them are setup in surround mode (1 long monitor) and the other is up above it. I was thinking it may have been a window thing because when I first brought up LOR, it opened on the single monitor. I got LOR to the large display by opening a file from explorer. I'll doink around with the shortcuts you referred to, as I'm sure the window is somewhere.
  10. Installed 4.1.2 over the weekend on a Win 10 machine. Strangely, the file open dialog doesn't open. Took me quite a while before I realized what the problem actually was. None of the buttons etc on the menu bar can be accessed (because the dialog is open somewhere). If I mimic with the keyboard what I would do in the dialog, it will open a file, but I can't see anything that this dialog would normally contain. Opening the program by selecting a file in windows explorer does work, but this isn't the best option. Any thoughts? Regards, BillyT
  11. The problem I had was due to the way I have my universes setup. For the mega tree, I had 4 universes that each only had 150 pixels, using 3 of the 4 ports on the E682. My mini trees on the other hand were setup with 100 pixels each and the universes ran sequentially. Mini tree 1 went from universe 7,1 to 7,300. Mini Tree 2 went from universe 7,301 to universe 8, 90. I had a problem in the visualizer when I went to add the third mini tree. It insists I use the first pixel as pixel 1 (it would have been 31).
  12. I have a RGB pixel tree that has 12 strings of 50 count pixels going up and down (25 pixels per row). I have tried 5 different ways to make this happen and it's just not happening. Any help would be appreciated. I should add that there are 3 strings per universe, so 4 universes total Regards, BillyT
  13. Yes exactly. I checked doug's thought about the pixel editor and got the permission error, which then got me to load the exe in admin mode. It was late, didn't want to try anything more.
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