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  1. I don't know if I'd use PVC for the center pole, unless you're planning on using a 2" pipe...but at that cost, metal conduit would be cheaper. Depending on what you want on the bottom will depend on your "base". If you're planning on doing up and over and that's it, you could stake each end down into the ground. That's what I do for a couple of my mega trees. If you don't want to do that, you can make a circle out of 1/2" PVC in 4 sections and use "t's" to connect them...that way the third connection hole can point down to put a section of PVC pipe into and into the ground to anchor it down. There are other bases that can be made out of PVC that are more complicated and typically to make a specific shape at the bottom of the tree.
  2. Thanks for the input, guys. Kinda what I figured. Looking to use my controllers in a haunted house next year, and want to run diff tracks in diff sections of the house. Maybe we'll use the current sound set up, and I'll just independently program the channels to each room.
  3. I'm trying to see about running multiple songs at the same time in different rooms (one song per room). Is there a way to do that off one mini director or does it need to be run off a pc? Is it even possible? Is there a way to run audio without a transmitter? (Can it be plugged directly to receivers?) I have multiple PC16 controllers I can use. Thanks
  4. Looking for two used PC Controller enclosures. Hoping to save a little $$ by purchasing used. Would like strain relief with it. Message me if you have any extra you can sell. Thanks.
  5. I'm looking for two PC Controller enclosures with strain relief. Was hoping to buy used to save some $$. Please message me if any of you have any you're not using. Thanks.
  6. Like all the guys have said, do a lot of reading, ask questions if you have them (seriously...ask... Everyone here is really cool and will be glad to help), watch for sales. LOR usually has two big ones....the clearance sale usually around end of March (great prices and lowest you'll find, but it's limited supply and the big stuff usually sells out in less than 5 minutes). They have a summer sale, too...no supply limit on this one, so it won't sell out. There are also a couple of main companies for lights. CDI is probably the most popular here, also if I remember correctly, you join the planet Christmas forums and stuff and you get a discount with CDI. They're a very good company and stand behind their product...LOR stands behind their product, too. Two great companies and have always been a pleasure to do business with. Great customer service! Display wise...start with what you have and grow from there. I am in process of changing from incandescent to led. I've been doing this over the past few years....this year was probably my biggest...and it's not cheap, but it will save you in the long run. My display is about 65% LED. I'd like to add CCR's and RGB, but it's not in the budget...but it'll happen in the future. Some of the main pro's I've seen with the LED: I've noticed it's about a 9:1 ratio LED to incandescent The color on LED won't bleach/fade over the seasons They last longer CONS: They do cost more up front, but, you will replace them a lot less. I think I've only replaced 1% of mine due to failure...and that's on the high end of the scale (1 out of over 100 and CDI warranty it for me). As for programming...it looks scary, but the more you do it, the easier it gets....just time consuming. There are tools in the programming to make it easier, and there are tutorials online you can use. They also offer classes, plus...the guys here on the forums are great help! Good luck and have fun
  7. @ Orville...I saw the Mr Christmas box a day or so ago, for $99 regular price. I remember when I was looking a few years ago and they were $250.
  8. Pernicious Angel wrote: No problem. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!
  9. Lots of great news. May not have made turkey day, but not to far off it!!!
  10. l0chte wrote: So, where is Celina? North of Grand Lake St. Marys, South-West of Lima, West of 75... http://bit.ly/rFsb1v - Sorry couldn't resist... Your about 3 1/2 hours away from me.
  11. pikadroo wrote: Thankie! =D Yes, the problem with success is you start to think bigger. Is that a quote? hehehe I am going to attack the webber tree next year maybe. Sigh... always next year. Drew My biggest problem is $$. I want to add 48 more channels to put me at 80 total. Figure I could easily do 3 7ch arches and make 2 webbers, but only use one controller, just build them opposite of each other for asymmetrical effect. My wife told me to open another bank acct just for lights. But yeah, gotta wait till next year.
  12. Looks nice. I'm hoping to add some arches and a webber tree or two next year. Fun stuff!
  13. Pernicious Angel wrote: There are a couple ways. Easiest is to click on the fade tool (the toolbar at the top of your screen, looks like a ramp going down, hover over it and it'll say what they are). Then on your grid pick your channel(s) (can do multiple at once if they are "stacked in order on top of each other), click on the spot you want to start (hold the button down) and drag to where you want to stop. If your fade setting is like 100 down to 0, grag a little past your end point. Or you can change the fade intensities. Click on tools, scroll down about 2/3-3/4 of the way down and you should see fade tool settings (or intensities) click on it and it will open a box of preset fades. If you want, you can edit the settings by clicking the edit button and changing the numbers to what you want...ie 32-78%, or 30-80. Whatever you want to set it at and click the apply button (dont remember if it says accept, apply). Dont forget after you are done using the fade tool to change back to whatever. Hope this helps. You can do the same with intensities in the tool bar. If you want ten boxes set at 60%, you can goto the toolbar and set the intensity the same way (except click on the set intensity, not fade). If you aren't already, you might want to use the view fades and such as ramps instead of fades. My opinion, its easier to see your fades and such.
  14. roknjohn wrote: Man, why didn't I think of that? Haha
  15. From what I remember from the last update from lor, they're trying to get caught up on the pc's some, and then working on getting everything else sent out in a hurry. Dont quote me, just remember something about that. From the way the trend is going, they should be working on that stuff now.
  16. ace_master wrote: Again...shipping delays to places outside the U.S., not LOR's fault. There is a lot of tape they have to go thru to ship out of the country.
  17. jer75 wrote: From what I understand, it is not as simple to ship internationally as it is within the U.S. Its not that they haven't taken care of your order, theres just more stuff they have to go through to ship it. Cheers Dave Boros , Thats more or less what I was thinking . Just have to sit here quietly and wait till I can begin the fun bit . Better start putting up all the lights this weekend , at least I can have a static display until they arrive. Best to you! I'm still programming, and have to get more lights up.....aaahhhhhh:shock:
  18. jer75 wrote: From what I understand, it is not as simple to ship internationally as it is within the U.S. Its not that they haven't taken care of your order, theres just more stuff they have to go through to ship it.
  19. l0chte wrote: Dude, that stinks. Maybe Santa will give you an early present and you'll get it Wednesday!:dude: @Dave Boros, how long does UPS take to get a controller to stow? I dont remember exact date, so just making up date, but real ship time. Shipped 10/19 received 10/21 So only a couple days. Now it was a month or so ago, so I wasn't competing w holiday stuff.
  20. l0chte wrote: What was the date of your order.. Please don't say before the 7th... Nope, the 12th. Good.. lol, Might take a while to get past that order.. Anyways.. does anyone know where they ship from, If memory serves me correct I think someone said New York.. Does anyone know how long it takes for UPS to get to West-Central Ohio?? --EDIT: Sorry, I'm still a newb, I read this as he bought 160 controllers, not the 160x controllers. Duh. I'm by Akron, and it took two days.
  21. Carl S wrote: Dude, that stinks. Maybe Santa will give you an early present and you'll get it Wednesday!:dude:
  22. I also hated having to go out in the cold during the display season to replace burned out or broken bulbs. "Like"...haha, so agree, for a couple reasons. Don't want to be in the cold freezing my fingers off, thats why I hang in Sept and early Oct. Second, it ruins the snow in my display! Footprints = :X
  23. I wnt to leds because they are a true color, will save me $$$ in the long run (let us know how often you replace your incans to our leds). Also, no color fades of the bulbs. I rarely have been able to reuse green or blue. They are always faded. Not to mention, I haven't had much luck with incans outside for multiple years. Maybe two at most, and thats been clear lights. Now inside is a different story. I can get two years out of colors inside (blue fades inside, too). Not to mention how the incans bulbs break a lot because they're glass. You pretty much have to purposefully try to break a bulb on the type of leds I have (CDI all the way!) I even bought the top of the line. Those got replaced mid season. So you take the cost of a decent incan, that are rated for around 3,00-4,000 hours (correct me if I'm wrong, if so it is only give or take 1000 hours), to my leds rated at 50,000 (that is not a typo) hours. Thats 10-12 times longer than yours. So even if you buy the wally specials at $2.50-3.00/ box, I will take the $10-14 cost of my leds, to the $30-36 of incans. Now that is per string. Now multiply the $16-20 difference times the amount of strings used. So, whos saving money? Not to mention the subtle savings ove the seasons on elec. It may not be huge, but it'll buy me at least three cases at the end of their lifetime. But thats just my feelings and opinion on the matter. And I didn't go to college. Didn't need to to figure this out.
  24. Mike Manzara wrote: Try not to get frustrated when you call them later today. If you can't get a hold of LOR, it wouldn't hurt to hollar a pay pal. That way you have confirmation where your $ is at. If LOR has it, it should ship soon. I hope you get them soon.
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