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  1. I figured out a way but it means going through each 30 songs and dragging 1.9 into the 2.1 spot and so forth till I get to 1.16 and dragged 2.1 thru 2.8 into the 1.9 position and so forth. Then I can import the new channel configuration. A lot of work Thanks for the input. Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you have your show up and running. Mark
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply guys, On a song with the original setup. I have 1 thru 16 blue on at 50% no other lights at the beginning. Now I take that song and import the new ch. config, where 1-8 are the same (BLUE) and I.9 TO 1.16 is red w/ 2.1 thru 2.8 assigned to blue and 2.9 thru 2.16 red. 1 thru 8 blue 9 thru 16 red Now I have 50% blue 1 thru 8 and 50% red 1.9 thru 1.16 What do I need to do I tried to send a pic and it was to 2.1 thru 2.8 blue 2.9 thru 2.16 red big of a file. you can contact me at mnmchristmasdisplay@
  3. Season Greetings and HELP Moved the first controller over to the right side of the house. Originally controller #1 controlled all the blue lights and controller #2 controlled all the red lights. Controller 3 and 4 controlled various lights. I was able to get the blue lights to move up the yard across the house and back to the sidewalk thus getting a wave or motion action. I decided to move the 1st controller (blue) to the other side of the house thus cutting down using a lot of extension cords. Controller 1 still controls 1 thru 8 then and I moved the extension cords 1.9 --1.16 to Control
  4. One more Question.. I just realized that controller #1 was linked to the show computer and then daisy chained to controller #2. I would have to run two cables from the other side of the house unless I make controller #1 the last controller or #4. Controller #2 would then be connected to the show computer and become #1 and so forth. Do I need to do anything in the 'Hardware Utility' or will the software pick up the changes? Thanks again in advance. Later in Life, Mark
  5. Thanks for the fast replies. I am waiting for 100ft cat5e cable so I can run it through the downstairs to the other controllers. Later in Life, Mark
  6. Need some help on changing the order of my controllers and channels. Controller number one controls all of the red lights. Controller 2 controls all the blue lights. Controller 3 and 4 handle green and white and misc. All four controllers are on one side of the house. I would like to move controller number one (red) to the other side of the house. I would leave red 1.1 thru 1.8 on controller one but take off 1.9 thru 1.16 and replace them with Blue controller 2.1 thru 2.8 Then red 1.9 thru 1.16 would go over to the blue controller #2. I have configured a new 64 channel configurati
  7. Thanks for the thought about using the extra cords. My 4 controllers are in the basement but about 10 ft from where all the cords go outside. That is one of the things I had planned to do on the reorganize by moving them closer to the outside foundation. I just have such a mess of cords and cords coming apart. I have several extension cord harness for the left side of the house that get plugged into the right side harness and then into the basement to the controllers Later in Life, Mark
  8. No seriously it is not going to grow much more. Torn rotator cuff one year and another year it was in a brace and and a ankle boot. Should have started this a few years earlier. I am looking to get more organized and easier to take down and set up. Not quite sure about the " Is the "splicing" of cords for controller power or for light strings/props?' I am using regular spt2 13 amp 16 gauge extension cords from the controller to the string of lights. Later in Life, Mark
  9. Good Morning And Thanks for the replies. It seems everyone is in agreement on not splicing. I do agree the 1000 ft spool is the way to go. I doubt if the hobby will grow much more. I am still researching and trying to decide to add another controller or to try my hand at RGB. Anyway the cords I have used are your typical Lowes's 13amp 16 gauge spt 2. I was just thinking it would be better to splice/solder the cords together rather than just plugging them in back to back and then tapping them to keep the moisture out. Thanks again for your thoughts. Later in Life, Mark
  10. I already have quite a few bucks tied up in individual cord lengths. I need to use the cords I already have before I go out and buy a spool. Besides I can buy another controller during the sale if I recycle the cords I already have. Not really a lot of work for someone who is retired. Later in Life, Mark
  11. Good Morning, I have a 64 channel set up. I had no plan or idea when I started. After 4 years I am to the point of starting over with the whole rewiring with extension cords. I have used 3, 6 and 15 foot extension cords. I now know what my basic layout is and will stay. I would like to splice together the different extension cords to meet the length that I will need to get to that part of my layout. Next time I will buy a 1000 foot roll but for right now I need to use what I have. For example I am using 10 15' cords to reach my longest point. I see no problem with splicing the existing c
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