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  1. This is a video i took with my phone testing my pinwheel a few years ago http://youtu.be/W-qoCAf3h4E
  2. I don't have pictures but i mounted mine the same way and instead of hanging on the house they are between two fence post.
  3. I sealed both ends with clear silicone sealer and that has worked so far but have not had much rain yet.
  4. Yes they do fade. I have had them outlining the yard for a few years and compared to the new ones they look realy bad. George, your display is where i got the idea for the pinwheel. Your display is one of my favorites.
  5. I run a kodak 4 gb in my mini director and it works.
  6. Yes LOR is a great company and the customer service is fantastic. Evan with the shortage of parts they still were able to send out new boards when they really did not have to. I already have a list of stuff to buy for next year. Thank you LOR
  7. I did check from neutral to one side of fuse and neutral to the other side of fuse. I have not done any more test because lor is sending new boards and im afraid i would do more harm than good to me or the controler.:shock:
  8. I did test the second controller in the house and got the same results. lor is sending two new boards, should be hear next Tuesday. I did replace power stake and all voltage looks good. Show is running at 75% until i get the new boards.
  9. It was a brand new controller that was tested in the house worked fine, then i set up the show and tested the lights worked fine, then when i started the show it worked for about 5 minutes then died. I then brought it back in the house to check it out and could not find the problem. Thinking it was a defective controller i contacted lor and they are going to take care of it. So then i put a different controller in its place and it worked for about 1 hour then it died. Thats when i started checking voltage and found the problem. Thanks for all your help
  10. I did replace the power stake, but i was hoping to find out if thats what took out the controller.
  11. I brought it in the house 120 volts on both sides of the fuses. pulled board out and check solder joints all look good.
  12. My power stake was only suppling 46 volts to my controller now its dead, all fuses check ok. Could low voltage cause this problem?
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