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  1. I use DTV also, and an ant for digital local. This ant solved all my over the air issues, very happy - ClearStream™ 4 Ultra Long Range Outdoor DTV Antenna This site is helpful too - http://www.antennaweb.org/ Glenn
  2. Hi All, Extra snubbers, new (see pic), 20 for $20 plus shipping PM if interested. Thanks, Glenn
  3. Yup, good stuff George, as always! Merry Christmas! Glenn
  4. I'll jump into the fray with over 100 arches built. I recommend - 3/4" dia grey pvc conduit (flexible and 10' sections can be easily connected to form a 20' arch. Sorry George, I'm a fan of 4 or 8 channels. You can accomplish the top channel effect by combining the 2 top channels. Sequencing in 4s and 8s is much easier than an odd number. Cut and paste mega tree effects on to your arches. Does anyone build odd number mega trees? Why not? Bottom line, your audience will not see the difference, take the path that is easiest for you.
  5. Very nice work Brian, as usual. One of my favorite TSO songs. Glenn
  6. William's death to the vampire plug might be true Good luck, down sizing and/or taking a break is good, helps to recharge. Hope to see you at the Philly mini ! Glenn
  7. Great work Dan. Your show/display is always a favorite!
  8. Very nice, cool effects! Thanks for posting!
  9. An oldie, but goodie. From the inventor of the Gremler tree, perfectly aligned mini lights, and assorted other odd discoveries – Sandstorm:
  10. Word is Neo Neon bought Diogen (Holiday Creations) and moved production to the Neo Neon plant. Many distributors fled due to the lower Neo Neon production quality (you can find this info on google). I would avoid Neo Neon until you hear of better year over year quality control.
  11. I run multi controllers in standalone mode, no prob. Try what Don says, reset all controllers, except program controller 01. Reset by powering on at 00, then power off and reset to the appropriate controller # Make sure each controller has a different #
  12. Orville, I think this is your best post ever!
  13. Make your sequencing and controller life easier, reduce to 16 segments per arch. I used to do my 20' arches with 16 segments.
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