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  1. Pixel prices have dropped tremendously from the last two years.
  2. I'm also going and will be teaching a couple classes! Plus the drive there shouldn't be to bad!
  3. The cords on most lights are only two wire! The ground hole would be left open anyway.
  4. Kelly, it's never to late to learn SuperStar! I really like the software and the ease of creating great effects in seconds. RGB sequencing in S3 is just as easy, just a few extra channels! Check out Brian's videos on using SuperStar for starters: http://www.lightorama.com/S3TutorialLinks.html
  5. Thanks for all the info and testing Jeff. I will be re-doing my 4 camera system soon, this info will come in handy! Donny
  6. Can't wait to see that video!!
  7. I have sent several controllers to LOR and they never asked me when it was purchased! Start a support ticket and send it to LOR! Unless you accidentally hit it with a hammer or something!
  8. BrownOut, it weighs about 15 pounds. Details of the build can be found here: http://www.carterchr...w-star-for-2012
  9. I'm using the E681 from SanDevices. A great pixel controller and it works really well with S3!
  10. Looking good William! I can't wait to see it in action. Then I can decide if I will steal the idea for next year!!
  11. Here's a peak at my 2012 Star. Using S3 to control 87 pixels (261 channels) from an E681. I also threw in a few Nutcracker effects in at the end! Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcI65Ac02Nc&feature=share&list=UU2pvZt-cvqbRGB258-hVBjg
  12. How are you planning on building the arch and only use two string? 25' arches are gonna require a few more lights than that!
  13. Maybe these? http://www.1000bulbs.com/product/6073/SHL-31165.html
  14. Awesome job Sean! Thanks for your hard work!
  15. The best thing anyone can do is test, then test some more! There are many issues that will arise once the season starts if testing has not been done. Everyone's E1.31 setup will be different. There's gonna be a lot of surprised people in a few months when they try to plug in all their stuff and it doesn't work!
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