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  1. Setting up the Halloween display and realized I'm WAY BEHIND on Christmas!! Can I also get a copy of the Let It Go sequence? Thanks a lot in advance. drdnkkd@live.com
  2. Is it possible to use Twinkle with RGB pixels? I'm just getting started with sequencing for pixel strings. For a given pixel prop during a sequence, I've set their color to try and match the warm white for my standard LED strings. When I try to set the prop to 'twinkle' the lights for effect matching a snowfall, I can only seem to get a result where the individual red, green, and blue channels start to twinkle resulting in a multi-color effect instead of the warm white twinkle for the individual pixels I was looking for. I've tried different combinations of the background/foreground button
  3. I was looking out the window last night and saw a couple sitting in a Uhaul truck watching the light show. I guess they were taking a break after a hard day of moving. That got me to wondering - what is the most odd vehicle/conveyance that anyone has had pull up to watch their lights?
  4. I also have a 16 strand spiral tree. To get the spacing even, before I put up the cables I put a zip tie every 4 1/2" down half of the cables. I got the spacing from the spiral tree calculator on one of the other posts here. I also had to put a little hot glue on the zip ties to keep them from just sliding up and down the wire. Once the cables are up, you use the zip ties to keep each light string coming down with even spacing. I used the small bull dog clips from Staples to clip the light strings to the wire supports vs more zip ties. The clips are quicker to put up and take down, plus
  5. I also got green wire icicles vs white wire icicles. I had also ordered some white wire 100 LED strings but did not get them in the shipment received. I've emailed Jacob but haven't gotten a reply yet.
  6. I also just zip tied them but as separate RW and BG super strings. If your planning on a spiral tree, having 2 sets let you run the RW string in one direction and the BG string in the opposite direction. Everyone really loved the effect on the spiral tree and having the tree spin in different directions just gives you a few more sequencing options.
  7. I think a lot of the decision would be based on where in your layout/show you'd put the new tree. If it's planned as a new center/main element than the CCR tree would be the brightest star attraction of the show. However, if you plan on putting it to the side, then I'd say use the spiral weber tree. I had a smaller display (~15K lights last year) with the dominant element as a 15' holly tree used as 4 color mega tree with 8 slices each. This year I added a 4 color 64 channel 10' spiral tree with another 6K lights on the side of the yard. That tree was definitely the hit of the season and
  8. What are you kind of controller board are you using to drive these strings? I'd also like to play with some RGB for next year but am more worried about how to control and sequence the RGB pixels than the actual HW.
  9. Continuing on the next step of this thread - at what point in splitting networks is it recommended to split the logical network configuration in the sequence editor to match the physical network split? I had 8 controllers this year and will be going to 12 controllers next year. I ran all 8 as a single daisy chain and did not have any issues. However, I'm wondering at what point I'll start to see a performance issue. The LOR help just says that - "One main use of multiple networks is for displays with very large numbers of controllers;" but it does give any practical number of controllers
  10. I'd always stop in the driveway as we come home and watch the song that playing at that time. After doing this a couple of times, my daughter told me I had to get rid of the "seizure" song. I've have all LED's and when you're close, like in the driveway, they're BRIGHT! One of the songs was "Let It Snow" and I had used only the white and blue LED's during the song with a lot of twinkle and shimmer at the "snowwing" parts of the song. Having thousands of bright white LED's flashing real fast and up close is a fast way to a headache!
  11. Here's the link. The embeded youtube link does seem to work. http://youtu.be/d0hciVrKHuM
  12. Here's a clip of my new spiral tree this year. Last night running before I start the tear down tomorrow. The spiral tree is 9 1/2' with 16 channels of white, red, green, blue each. The mega tree is a wrapped 15' holly tree with 8 wedges of W/R/G/B each. The spiral tree was a lot of fun to build this year and looks great. I definitely need to start early next year on the sequencing to get it's full effect into all of my songs. http://youtu.be/d0hciVrv/&hl=en&fs=1
  13. I also have the Mobile Black Box Eclipse 4000 and love it. For me it is not too powerful and only broadcast a couple of blocks. Looking at their web site, this model seems to have been replaced with the V6000. Have you looked at that model? For only $99, that seems a resonable choice. Comparing the sound quality I have in front of the house vs a couple of other LOR users in the are (and I don't know what they're using), the MBB model quality is noticablely better and I couldn't ask for an easier to setup and use device.
  14. Here's my prop for a 64 channel (4 colors of 16 channels each) spiral tree. I took the 16 channel spiral tree prop from Cyberfix and converted each string from individual bulbs to a light string. That let me use the 4 colors each without posting 4 separate props on top of each other in the visualizer. On my spiral tree, I've got white and red in a superstring running clockwise and green/blue superstrings running counter clockwise. By simply assigning the channels in reverse order for the green/blue from the white/red for each string, the visualizer gives a pretty good approximation of the
  15. I don't have a weight for the topper but almost all the weight is from the same flanges that you'd use with the wooden center that you pictured. The only weight difference would be the weight of the hooks/bolts vs the screws. Plus, I'm pretty sure the all metal version will hold up for alot more years - (and yes, that even though this is only my second year, I'm hooked and in it for the long haul).
  16. I've checked and ALL the plugs and the wire from last year's buy and this year order have SPT-2 stamped on them. The new SPT2 wire seems just a hair larger (width & thickness) than the wire I got last year but both of them are stamped with SPT2 on them. The order from last year was from Action Lighting. The order from this year was from Novelty Lights.
  17. Has anyone else had problems using vampire plugs and SPT2 wire from different vendors? I've been making cords for this year's display and starting using some SPT2 wire that I had left from last year with new plugs that I got from a different vendor this year. Out of the first 8 cords, 6 failed and only got 2 of those to work after trying to reset the plugs. When I use the SPT2 wire from this year on the same order from the new plugs, I've gotten 4 good cords on the first try. Both the old and new stuff are definitely SPT2 and not a mix of SPT1 & 2. If I cann't get the new plugs to wor
  18. Final look from the top. Attached files
  19. Then I used JB Weld to lock the screw hooks in place. I used plenty of the epoxy and immediately bolted on the top flange with the eye bolts up from the bottom. Use enough epoxy to weld itself to the top flange. When this has dried up, the flange can be painted if desired. The hooks will be solid and on the 2 older toppers won't twist out. Attached files
  20. I used a hot glue gun to hold the screw hooks in place first. Attached files
  21. Here's a shot of the parts. Attached files
  22. Here's a very sturdy tree topper that I've made for a couple of trees from floor pipe flanges. These fit well onto the tree's made of either galvanized or cast iron water pipes. The flange size can be adjusted based on the size of the pipe being used. It also allows a pipe section to be screwed into the top as well to hold or support a tree star. The eye bolts provide a solid point to anchor the guy wires. Attached files
  23. I had lightning and a group of singing pumpkins for my Halloween setup last year. This was first first animated Halloween display and definitely got me hooked and ready for my Christmas setup. For the lightning, I used 8 simple floods - 2 red floods for the house wash, 2 yellow floods, and 4 white floods. These were all from Home Depot, along with the outdoor flood holder. These were a lot cheaper than the speciality sets that I was finding on the web. Two of the white floods were up on the roof pointed at the house to give a brighter effect. The others were out front and hidden behind o
  24. It had a group of 8 singing pumpkins last year as my first LOR Halloween setup. The set-up uses 32 channels - 16 for the pumpkins and the other 16 for the prop lights and the flood lights used for the lighting. Here's a link to a video of the setup on YouTube - Here's the sequence - Attached files This is Halloween v3.lms
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