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  1. This has happened twice to me in the last two weeks now. Sometime in the middle of the night after the show ended the Light-O-Rama control panel produced an error to the effect of Socket Disconnected while reading header and then had a 600 something number as the error code. This disables the show and I have to go in and close out the control panel and bring it back up again and re-enable the show. Normally this is not a big deal but I am getting ready to go out of town for a few days so if this happens while I am gone there will be unhappy people around here. The error doesn't really tell
  2. I had 3,500 channels last year and I have 4,300 something this year. The controllers that are having issues are the first three that are connected to the LOR dongle. If it was a network issue I would have expected lights on controllers further downstream to have issues as well though those controllers are only 3 years old compared to 5 years for the troublesome ones. And the cat5 lines do not run near the power lines other then when they pass by the CTB16 dongles to enter the case and plug into the board.
  3. Here is a new sequence we added this year at Winter Holiday House. Hope you enjoy it. http://youtu.be/NzamKI0V0f8
  4. I have two DC controllers and one CTBPC16 controller that I have had for five years now and I am getting intermittent problems this year where channels are getting stuck on in the middle of a sequence. What seems to be happening is the lights sometimes freeze in whatever state they are in and remain that way for around 10 seconds before finally going back to behaving normally. Two of the controllers are indoors and not exposed to the elements at all and one is outdoors. I tried powering them off and then back on again but that doesn't really seem to fix it. I have checked all my sequences an
  5. Just thought I would let people know that there was an update to my RGB Pixel Tree How-To document. One of the errors in the original was that I was claiming my center pole was 18 feet long and my pixel string poles were also 18 feet long. This was incorrect as the center pole needs to be shorter than the pixel string poles so that they angle outward like a tree. My center pole is actually 16 feet long and consists of one ten foot conduit plus another conduit cut down to 6 feet. I was correct in saying that the pixel string poles are 18 feet long.
  6. I used a combination of LOR, Xlights, and Superstar to sequence. Superstar produces some really great stuff but requires the most money and time expense to learn. Xlights is free and easy to generate some nice effects quickly but you lose some granular control on timings like you would have with Superstar.
  7. I have gotten a number of requests for information on how to build my RGB pixel tree so I have put together a pdf document that lists all of the parts I used and how to assemble them all together. The entire 1,200 pixel tree was built for around $1,000 which includes everything you need; lights, controller, power supplies, tree structure, etc. http://www.winterholidayhouse.com/docs/RGBPixelTree-HowTo.pdf
  8. Just sent you a message to help troubleshoot the problem. By the way, I found the optimal speed setting for my Ray Wu WS2811's was 2400 Ryan
  9. Ray works for Rita Lighting but also sells stuff through AliExpress which is like an International version of Amazon. Many different vendors can set up stores and sell things on AlieExpress. If you order through AliExpress then you pay AliExpress but the payment does not get released to Ray until you actually receive your items and confirm everything is correct. If you get a custom shipping quote from Rita lighting then he will have his PayPal account listed on it and you pay him through PayPal. What I did was take a screenshot of my AliExpress shopping cart and emailed it to Ray and two day
  10. If you buy a couple strings than this is often the case. As I said in a later posting, you should ask Ray Wu for a combined shipping rate and you will save money that way. For my $500 order I ended up paying $100 in shipping whereas Aliexpress was going to charge me $170 for shipping. Also, Fedex will charge you import duties as well. I got all of my items delivered and then a couple days later I got a bill in the mail from Fedex for $18 in US import taxes.
  11. I have posted one more video from my show. The effects on the pixel tree in this one were mostly done with the Nutcracker software. Rockin Around the Christmas Tree
  12. I bought a P12S back in August and have been using it ever since. It worked great throughout my entire show. I can't say the same for my Ray Wu pixels. The GUI is the same as the P12R from what I can tell and thanks to the Australian Christmas Lights manual on setting up the P12R, getting it to work was painless. My only issue was two times after I had unplugged it to work on my wiring and then plugged it back in, when the show came on later, outputs 7 and 8 were not working. To fix it I simply unplugged it again while the show was running and plugged it back in to reboot it essentially and al
  13. Out of my 16 sequences, 4 were programmed by someone else using Superstar. The rest were programmed by me using a combination of manual programming and Nutcracker effects. I have had CCR's for 4 years now and have some cool effects on them so some of those effects actually translated to the pixel tree quite nicely. I just had to paste the effect on each of the 24 strings. Since each string on the pixel tree is 50 pixels like the CCR, it worked out well. My superstar programmed sequences are by far the best looking so next year I plan to convert more of my sequences to using Superstar. The ni
  14. You are correct on everything except the power injection. I only power inject at the bottom as power can flow forwards and backwards. Only the data wire flows in one direction. If you look at post #7 below you can see daytime pictures of my setup. Take note of the "T" shaped connectors on the ground. The single line coming from the power box only contains V+ and Ground wires. The data wire is not connected on that line and data reflection is not an issue due to the short distance. That "T" line connects the V+, Ground, and Data between strings 2 and 3 of the group and also injects power in bot
  15. I would go with the 6804 for the tree or for a little less money, the Joshua Systems equivalent. http://www.j1sys.com/ecg-p2/ I use the ECG-P12X for my pixel tree but I have 1,200 pixels which uses 8 outputs.
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