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  1. i know its late... but can i get a copy? blitz8633@yahoo.com
  2. My computer just crashed and I have lost all of my Halloween sequences for this year (yes, I was dumb and forgot to backup). There is no way for me to do it all again in 10 days. Can anyone share some sequences. Anything is appreciated. email: blitz8633@yahoo.com
  3. can I get a copy please... todd.lancon@gmail.com
  4. I love this song. can I get a copy please. todd.lancon@gmail.com
  5. can I get a copy please... todd.lancon@gmail.com
  6. can I also get a copy if its not too much trouble. please. todd.lancon@gmail.com
  7. can I please get a copy of all too todd.lancon@gmail.com
  8. does anyone have some sequences of dubstep songs they are willing to share
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