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  1. Small update, I've tried to factory reset the boards without success. And I've tried running one of the boards in bootmode. It does come up in the Network Preferences, it is blue however I did upload the latest firmware (1.4.8). However, when it uploads, it the software says to wait until the power light is solid on, the only light that is solid on on the board is the red data LED and I'm still getting "No Devices Found". I've tried re-powering the board, and I still get a red LED and no green. Am I doing something wrong here?
  2. Hello everyone, I am having an issue trying to get 2 new PixCon boards configured. These are brand new boards and they simply will not show up when I search for them in the PixCon software. Here is what I have tried, mind that I only have one board connected at a time and have tried with both boards with the same results on two different computers. 1- turn all networks on computer off (wifi), run computer without control panel runing 2- connect board directly to LAN on computer 3- power board on 4- Green light and red light flash together (searching for IP address) the
  3. I did not see an email. I check my junk folder as well. Can you please resent? lightsofthenight@gmail.com Thanks
  4. Hello everyone, I have been having an issue for the past few months now. Every time I go into network configuration and click the "Find/Configure PixCon16", the window will open and I'll see a list of all the controllers I have connected. When I click on one of the controllers (even if it's been set up before), I get an box that comes up saying "The device configuration could not be loaded. This could be due to a hardware problem, a network problem, or a configuration issue. Would you like to run the troubleshooter?" Most of the time I run the troubleshooter and end up giving it a
  5. Hello All, This year I am using 7 PixCon controllers for my RGBs and I am using 2 LOR AC and 5 LOR DC controllers (in DMX mode). I have successfully managed to get the PixCon controllers working and controlling the RGBs, however I have stumbled at a bit of an issue. The PixCon controllers are supposed to be able to create a E1.31 to DMX bridge, which I have each set up for to connect the remaining controllers to. However the controllers that are hooked up seem choppy and will only work when I open the "Test" window in xLights, I've tred to run a sequence and the RGB's will play but
  6. My PixCon controllers will not be controlled via E1.31, so they will not be on the LOR network. I have 21 controllers (mostly AC and a few DC) that will need to be controlled with the ELLs, I have used them successfully in past years I'm just not sure if I can use the ELLs if the boards are running in DMX mode.
  7. Hello everyone, I have a bit of a dumb questions here, but I'm going to give it a shot. I haved used the Easy Light Linkers in the past to put lights on the street poles in the downtown area to rid of use of Cat5 (especially since in a few areas the Cat5 would be stretching across the street). This year, however, I plan on adding a lot of RGB to the show and I am using xLights to sequence the show, and I'm having some issues. First off, xLights will not support almost 30 LOR controllers using the LOR protocol. An "easy" fix to this is to use the DMX protocol for the controllers. Howe
  8. Yes, these are 100 pixels per string, which is a lot easier than buying 2 strings of 50 and soldering them together. Which is why I'm having so many issues finding somewhere to buy what I'm looking for. I guess I'm just too picky lol
  9. I'm actually doing the show for the town I live in, I was asked to take it over this year and I accepted. They asked for a great show and that's what I'm going to give them! I thought about doing this option, but this means I have to buy twice as many lights which is twice the money. I wouldn't mind doing this but because it's sponsored by the Parks and Rec. department, they have to seek approval for the money and it takes FOREVER to get approval. And that's IF they approve a bigger budget. Which is why I started this post in the first place. I did contact Ray Wu, just waitin
  10. I have seen what LOR has, but they do not offer exactly what I am looking for and they only offer 50ct strings, I need a lot of 100ct strings (mostly for my pixel tree). I have the same issue I have with LOR, they only offer 50 ct strings and that means I'd have to buy twice the amount and that doesn't save me any money at all. I'd be spending over $1,000 more than if I got them from Aliexpress. I did not contact him, but I may send him an email if I can't find anything cheaper.
  11. Hello everyone! I am adding some RGB to my display this year and I've been shopping around looking for the best place to buy them and for a decent price, not having much luck. I'm using the PixCon16 controller (5 actually) to run my RGBs. I was going to buy my lights form Aliexpress, they seem to have decent product for decent prices, however I would have to pay over $400 for shipping and then wait 3-4 weeks before I even see the lights. So I was wondering if anyone has used any local (by local I mean a company located somewhere in the US) companies that offer decent RG
  12. A song I have sequenced in the past is Los Peces en el Rio by RBD. I don't have any sequences with the singing faces unfortunately.
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