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  1. Thanks Dbltrukr1, Remaking the play list worked great! Tom Straub
  2. Just started about a week ago ZaraRadio rapidly switches thru the play list, stopping, plays that song an then starts jumping again. Zara 162 w/DTMF. Any ideas or fixes? Tom Straub
  3. I yarn ball them too, but I found I can get 16 strings in a home depot 5 gallon bucket. Tom Straub
  4. I have to deal with all kinds of people and have as a personal outlook that..."People are morons, until proven otherwise". Works for me Tom Straub
  5. I got three days to complete the display. The dang Wind has been a witch here all month long here. Thank the Gods I have Thanksgiving "OFF" (as of now) to get things done Tom Straub
  6. Not sure I understand this method. Can you show and example, or explain so even a dummy like myself can under stand? Tom Straub
  7. Yeah, the home accent lights work okay, but if you get rain fairly often I would suggest using something like "no-lox" on them to prevent corrosion on the bulbs. You may also need a "snubber" on some to make them work properly. Tom Straub
  8. Well I do know a few things. My tree is 15' with 6' base, Galvanized Pipe pole, homemade topper w 4 inner guys and 16 outer. First year attached the 16 strings and stretched them out high enough to walk them around one at a time. Worked okay, but my strings were different lengths. Same 2nd year, but I measured all the strings to within a 1/2 inch of each other, worked a bit better. Last year tipped the tree on it's side and supported top and bottom so I could spin it. Worked okay, but a bit un-wieldy, Just trying to figure out how some other do it to see if there are better ways. Tom St
  9. Okay, fourth year doing a spiral tree, and I have tried several ways of wrapping it. Upright, walking the strings around, on it's side, spinning the tree. and STILL wanting to know the best way. I measure all the strings and they are within a half inch on length, and I know the first string is the most important. This year I'm going for three layers of lights, two of multi color strings (32 total) and 8 each blue and white (48 strings total). What is the BEST way to wrap the dang tree? It's driving me crazy! Tom Straub
  10. Not sure why, but I can't seem to get motivated this year! I have the plans in my head, but can't seem to want to get started putting them together. Any ideas? Tom Straub
  11. Setup as you want too. I don't use a "4" plan as I have stuff all over the place. Use the visualizer to get an idea of how things will like. Have fun with your setup! Tom Straub
  12. I personally haven't used any of the washers and have had no problems. I have the retrofit LED's in both c7 and c( and use them on the roof and under the eves. Tom Straub
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