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    Ok so i have been reading through the message boards for some time now, i am trying to figure out how to control my ge color effects from my light o rama software. I will be honest, i am so lost regarding the DMX stuff i have put off trying to control these for almost 2 years. I know i need to purchase the advanced license of LOR in order to use E1.31? that is as far as i have gotten. What do i need hardware wise, that will connect between my computer, and the ge color effects? I have seen the sandevices, but some of those say, on their website, that they are no longer needed because LOR now s
  2. not sure off the top of my head, i will look when i get home tonight.
  3. Not sure where to post this, but I have a roll of spt wire for sale. It is brown and was a 250' roll, I have used some of it but there has to be close to 200' left. I also have random length pieces I will throw in from another roll, as well as 16 cords with vampire plugs on them. the ones with plugs are roughly 6-8', and the others are 10-15'. Have to get rid of this stuff soon and don't want to throw it away, 50 dollars shipped. I will try to post pics if needed.
  4. Just scored ge color effects for $12.50 a box at Lowe's. Normally $50
  5. Thanks! i am a idiot for not seeing that, i will probably go with the sandevice kit.
  6. I'm not questioning your knowledge but how do you know the holiday coro one won't work, I am trying to wrap my head around this rgb dmx stuff
  7. does anyone have any experience with this one from holidaycoro? quite a bit cheaper and it says it works with LOR S3 http://www.holidaycoro.com/DMX-to-SPI-Smart-Pixel-Decoder-Controller-p/611.htm
  8. Does anyone know of anyone that has modded the Ge color effects and ran it on a DMX network through LOR?
  9. can someone please help me i can not for the life of me figure out how to copy a channel from one of my existing sequences and paste it into a new one. I am making a new sequence and want to copy a few channels from other sequences but i can not get it to work. I am using the basic software.
  10. but then how do i combine them? this is making me feel stupid that i dont know how to do this lol
  11. right, but it just inserts the timing mark, and once you run through the song you either have to save it or start over. then the only way to insert more timings is to insert at the cursor or at a certain time. The way i am thinking is almost like a multi track for music if you are familiar with that. they record the vocals, separate from the drums and guitar. then once they have it the way they want, they merge it all together.
  12. so i was thinking of some things that would be useful while sequencing. I dont think these exist in any versions seeing how i only have the basic. but how nice would it be if you could play the song and insert timing on say the drums, then play the song again and insert timings on vocal cues, and so on and so forth. Another idea is instead of the white timing marks, being able to insert different color timing marks which i think would make it easier to lay out your show.Just some thoughts....
  13. ok so i had to fix the video because youtube had the video bouncing around like crazy, it should be fixed now
  14. so i finally got the tree set up, and the lights working the way i want, this is the first song. i have a couple more that just need some tweaking but i think this turned out better than i expected. what do you all think?
  15. the reason i dont want the songs to play back to back is because this in my living room, and i dont want to get burnt out on the songs. i wanted roughly 15min between songs.
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