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  1. Watch out for those rabbits. They loved my green cords.
  2. I have 18 green led 18 red led and 18 blue led. I also have 40 zenon. Let me know.
  3. I can look later today and see what I have. I sold all of my controllers 2 years ago. I still have all my lights sitting around.
  4. I use mp3 gain. It will do the whole folder.
  5. I also run the DC MP3 and had the same problem this year. I found that although it powered up with power from the controllers I ended up having to use a power adapter directly into the director. Has worked great since.
  6. Your link works just fine. Outstanding job for your first year.
  7. Awesome job ! I did the same song this year with the 4 singing Christmas trees.
  8. I am all setup and ready to go. Started putting up the mega trees the first week of October. After taking a 2 year break it feels good to do it again. Added the 4 singing Christmas trees this year. Even got in a couple of videos the other night. 50 mph winds last night and only had a few mini trees blown over. Excited once again.
  9. I only record my videos for my Facebook page and my personal use. I am not out to get a million views. Could care less about that.
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