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  1. I should have elaborated, the sequence I purchased is LOR and I run it all with S4.
  2. Hopefully some one can help ...... We added an E682 this year to our show, my first experience with RGB. The problem is that a sequence I purchased , The Grinch, has the words reversed when it plays. All the other sequences were sequenced in X-Lights and work perfect. The X-Light sequences are set to start at the bottom right, so I figured this one must start in the bottom left for it to be reversed. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. Kevin
  3. Only have the 3- $140 units left.
  4. I am partially going RGB this year so I have 5 extra CTB16's for sale. 2 are newer with LOR dongles and 3 are older units with vampire plugs. Bottom dollar is $140.00 ea. for the older units and $150.00 ea. for the newer ones plus shipping and pay pal fees. All work as new, they were used this past Christmas with no problems. I can e-mail more pics of each unit if needed. The above pics are of 2 of them, for some reason I can't post the others. Thanks, Kevin
  5. I will take 3 of the $120's if they are in good working cond. I'll pm you. Thanks
  6. The more I think about it, I am not answering any more questions from the "inquiring mind conspiracy theorists", what I gave above is more than enough. In fact, I am rethinking my decision to start this thread.
  7. Tim Fischer, I have never locked my storage shed that I store my Christmas decorations in, never had to. The only things in there that looks like it is worth anything to anyone are the controllers. The last time I was in the shed was months ago, so I have no idea when it was broken into. Our neighborhood is a good neighborhood, i/e very little if any crime at all. That is why I never put a lock on it. I will keep answering questions for people with inquiring minds.
  8. 1st off, I am not trying to scam any one. How would that work if I am willing to buy them? Bob o, I sold them because I downsized some, if you take the ones I sold away from what I have(had), it comes up to 256. I just never changed my signature.I have lived in the same house for 4 years since we moved up here from Florida after we lost our company and our house, that is why we are renting our current house.I put missing or stolen because because they are MISSING OR STOLEN, not misplaced or lost. I have a police report, does every one want me to post it on here? We had some trouble last year,
  9. Good idea, I will try it. I still have to try to find some descent priced controllers incase there is not any one locally willing to help. If I could find a couple a week until Thanksgiving, I should be ok.
  10. No pictures of them and we rent our house right now, so no homeowners ins. We have renters insurance but it will not cover these.
  11. I went out to the storage shed to start testing controllers and lights and found that 10 controllers are missing. I don't know what I am going to do for this year because it will be expensive to replace all these units. I was thinking of finding some assembled Renards but I would rather keep using LOR because I know them better. E bay is too expensive because I would just buy a new card assembled and add my own dongles and enclosure before I did that. If anyone has controllers they are not using, please pm me a price. It doesn't matter if they are V1, they work fine for what I need. Thanks in
  12. Which controller are you selling? What is your price per piece?
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