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  1. Easy there Frank, we all know that the auto sequencer was such an epic addition to LOR that it caused Orville to have a true Fred Sanford style heart attack from the excitement! It was so severe he thought he was going home to see one of his dearly departed cats. Just ask his wife she made sure to keep us all updated.
  2. Its more like Dons post, "get out of the car and walk".
  3. I will put it simple if at 500mw you only got 500 ft the crickets are all anyone will here during your display unless standing beside the house because 50mw is not even going to transmit out of the house.
  4. I saw her today in the store very good looking witch.and Wizard of Oz was the first thing I thought also.
  5. Plain and simple Orville you get what you pay for in animation, do you expect a $100 animated prop with plastic cogs to last as long as a $2000 pneumatic professional prop. And its simple to get coupons from them, I have several 20-25% off coupons now.
  6. Honestly I think the easiest would be to use either black out caps or like you mentioned tape off the lights you don't want to see, but that would end up being costly and wasteful with the amount of lost lights. The next best bet would be like Stephen said and I would cut, strip soldier, seems to be easier than having to crimp so much.
  7. When is it that someone that is so oblivious to common sense going to learn to quit spewing crap all over the place that is going to do nothing more than get themselves or someone else killed. I mean seriously if you want to kill yourself feel free but quit giving advise that can kill others. If you don't like my tone tough crap I'm just sick of ignorance and further more the tolerance to allow such ignorance to occur, especially when the igmorance can and will turn deadly!
  8. I'm glad you emphasized the do not because that is the best way to burn something down. A coiled cord will create heat to the point of breaking down and causing a fire.
  9. I got that one from Evan last year and my family loved it.
  10. Omg Omg Omg I'm so happy... now maybe the world rotation will return to normal that the store is open. And please for everyone with blue faces you can quit holding your breath and return back to breathing normally.
  11. You know come to think of it I hadn't heard from Donny in a while. I bought some stuff from him last year great guy to deal with, and alot of knowledge.
  12. I learned something new today I always thought it was a one owner kind of deal on license.
  13. I did not think that the license were transferable at any point.
  14. I agree with Max Paul, I'm sorry but $75 just is not worth the risk of renting out my equipment. And honestly $75 for a season of rental is no offense but a joke of a request anyway. Like the previous poster said save up some money and take baby steps.
  15. I had 10 last year, the failure was not during use for most of mime but just plugging them in. I had maybe 5 good ones left and trashed them at the end of the season.
  16. Best place to find about the summer sale is go sign up on the website instead of the annual influx of multiple request asking the same answer.
  17. Gary a lot of people admire and credit Richard Holdman for his display. If he is one of your mentors you can always use his power calculation spread sheet. http://www.holdman.com/christmas/miscfiles/LOR-Channels-2008-Final.xls
  18. Wasn't that the place where slipstream was known as CF-LOR or something like that.
  19. Thanks Orville that should help him out.
  20. Well, i have to agree with Terry where did a brag fest bring anything useful to the boards seeing the event has passed? I mean he was fully right that this whole post was for nothing more than bragging, I have never seen another event throw out junk like this. I could understand if come next year you said last year we had this but to do it now sounds like hey look at us no one else has this. And the sad part is Terrys post was deleted even though the quote is still there, seems a little one sided from this new equal rights for members and admins seeing the admin is from Texas.
  21. Is it true has the long lost Orv returned in alter ego? But back to the op I think that a useful post will find its way back up front. At the same time some will try to fade away and the person continues to insidiously continues to push it out front to push their agenda, in which I applaud LOR for putting a stop to that.
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