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  1. I have 2 controllers. I have used the same sequences for 4 years. One controller runs the lights on the house and the other rins 2 holiday coro singing Christmas trees. It worked fine last year and I have changed nothing on my computer. I just pot up my lights and hooked up the computer. The songs and music play like they are supposed to and in order and when I view the animation in the sequence editor everything is fine but the lights do not flash as they are programmed to. As I said I have used these same sequences for 4 years and changed nothing on my computer. I would appreciate any
  2. vpfs

    second controller

    I just added a second controller. The unit id is set to 02. The lights plugged into it are all separate from my 1st unit. The songs in the sequences that I want to run on it are set to 02. When I play a sequence the shows on 01 play but the lights on 02 play. any idea what I have done wrong?
  3. That didn't work. When I do that I get a message that the file is already there do I want to peplsce it. I can't seem to get it from recent sequences to existing sequences.
  4. I recently purchased and loaded 3 sequences into what was a 10 sequence show. I find all 13 songs under recent sequences but can't figure out how to get the 3 new ones into existing sequences so that I can build a 13 sequence show. Any help would be appreciated. Jim
  5. No, this one is not a newer controller. In the hardware utility section I have the unit ID set to 01 as I only have 1 controller. I found the white wheels and reset the board per the tech's instructions but still have the same problem with channels 3 & 7. Any thoughts?
  6. I did as the tech told me and he said doing that would reset the board. I powered down, turned them both to zero, powered back up and the red light flashed very fast. I then powered off, set the back where they were at 0-1 and powered back up. It was still doing the same thing. Channel 3 the lights stayed on and channel 7 the lights constantly flickered.
  7. I am having an issue with my controller. When I turn it on, I am only using 1 controller, I get a message on the LED panel on the controller that keeps flashing between the messages L01 no conn. When I run a console test the lights come on but when I try to run the sequences part of the time all of the lights come on and most of the time all of the lights are off. I am thinking I don't have something set correctly on the laptop. Can anyone help me? Jim
  8. My 16 channel controller is malfunctioning. On channel 3 the lights stay on all the time. On channel 7 the lights constantly flicker. The LOR help desk is telling me that I need to reset the board by powering down, setting the unit Id's to 0-0, powering back on for a few seconds, powering down again, resetting the unit ID's to where they were and that it may now work because the board was reset. Where / how do I locate the unit Id's to reset them as instructed? Jim
  9. vpfs


    I dropped the laptop that runs my 16 channel show and have successfully moved everything from the old computer to the new onw EXCEPT the animation sequences. I have the image on a thumb drive but can't figure out how to load it to the new computer. Once I get it loaded will I have to redraw the lights onto the image?
  10. Can someone suggest a good fm transmitter that will transmit further than say 200'?
  11. a 16 channel sequence for Music Box Dancer and I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. Can anyone direct me?
  12. How many channels does your ave maria have? I only have 16 channels.
  13. Ok, I think that I now have it in Sequence Editor. It was not in existing sequences but rather in new sequences. I opened it and played it and now when I open Sequence Editor it is there. Now here is my dilemma. When I want to run the annimation it asks me if I want to import a picture. When I click yes the picture of my house appears with the grid over it wanting me to redraw. Is there a way to import the picture that already exists with the lights drawn in that is already in use on my other sequences.
  14. I can't find the file anywhere. I have windows vista.
  15. I have windows vista. Thank you for trying to help me.
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