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  1. I am in need of some SERIOUS help here to resolve an issue or else I am looking at having to cancel our show for this year. With an older version of xlights i could simply convert to LOR, open the file in LOR and copy and past ... with using xlights version 40 it wont work. Sean suggested exporting each model individually as a clipboard file ... which I have also tried but when I paste into LOR the timing is completely off. I have tried pasting by cell and time and it wont work and it also does not appear to be exporting the entire song for the model. HELP would be GREATLY appreciated ... I AM DESPERATE to save this year ! Thanks !
  2. Did you ever get an answer to the decaching .. I noticed the same last night.
  3. Good morning everyone .... I am getting VERY frustrated with all the software this year. I am using the newest version of xlights and converted a sequence to LOR LMS but when I go to open it in s4 I get the following message. So far I am regretting upgrading to s4 and xlights4 as I am not sure what is causing the problem and everything worked fine last year with the older versions. THANK-YOU in advance for your help ! Dave
  4. Sorry ... Damn auto correct ... It should have said audio not audit. My email was posted above. ( just broke it up because of spambots.
  5. On the same concept of the classic kids songs .. How about another one of recent movie hits for kids. Frozen Polar Express Anyone ... Dave
  6. Ok ... To make this easier ... If you have the audits for the songs you like can you send them to me dgeall @ Racemedical . com
  7. How about a 50 x 24 strand one ?! Dave
  8. Has anyone done a collection of classic kids Christmas songs ... not the whole song but segments of each song made into 1 ?! If not .... I am willing to work on one, and share with those who are interested. So ... if not ... what songs would you want to see in it ?! Dave
  9. I have 2 CCRs that I am looking to sell. Asking $150 USD each + shipping ( $249 new ). They have been used for 3 season and have worked flawlessly but I am trying to free up some outlets on the outside of my house and am converting my arches to RGBs and using two cords from my e682 that were available.. PM me if interested
  10. But would the motion sensor pick up bills of change being put in the box? That is why I was thinking a through beam sensor. Dave
  11. Has anyone every added a sensor to their donation box ?! My thought was to have a sensor inside the donation box and when someone makes a donation it would trigger a component of my display to turn on .. calling it our "Magical Donation Box". I was thinking of a through beam sensor but am looking for something that is long to cover the full length of the opening. Just curious if anyone has done / tried this before. Dave
  12. I am looking to add a 3D object that has lights on it to my display next year that will hang from the first of my driveway arches. Anyone have any suggestions ?! Thanks, Dave
  13. I am using 18/4 wire and have an 18' pixel tree ... doing some testing this week I found that when the topper was on full white that I do have a flicker. The odd part is that my topper has 2 halves .. each being 100 pixels ... only tthe top flickered but if I reversed the two plugs off my e682 neither of them flicker which makes me concerned that there is something wrong with the e682 board. Dave
  14. Sorry ... thought this thread was dead ... I did that song if you are interested !
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