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  1. Ok Thanks. I may try that after the holidays. Its working perfect now, so Im scared to death to start messing with it. After learning it last year (my first year to have it), and having my holiday lights designer on...consequently running my computer memory up like crazy and shutting my show down because of it....Im scared to try anything new. LOL You were the one who finally told me to shut the light designer off after we worked on that problem for over a week.
  2. I tried that, and got a few error messages associated with it. It appears that the original .msi file that it needs cannot be found. I guess after this season, I will uninstall and reinstall the whole thing and see if that helps. Ive also got a new computer here that I want to install it on, but its run by Windows 7 and I didnt want any issues this year. Thanks for your help, Bob and Merry Christmas!
  3. Whenever I try to save an edited or new sequence in my sequence editor, it gives me a pop up error message that says.... Error saving file... do you want to try to save to another file name? Detail: Automation error The specified module could not be found. Then it has the Yes, No and Cancel boxes. Even if I try to save it with a different name and/or use a different save file...it wont save. Im noticing this as well...all of my good sequences are blue in my light orama files..but the new stuff I am bringing in is black (file name writing colors). My show is running great, but its the same one I used last year and I wanted to add some stuff to it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  4. Now that the Christmas Holiday is pretty much over, I am ready to start experimenting with new sequences for next year. I seem to draw the most traffic when my lights are going absolutely crazy...or as I call it....putting them through their paces. I was hoping that on New Years Eve, I could make my yard look like a fireworks show going off (okay so that is a little bit of an exaggeration with me only having 16 channels). Ive already got Wizards in Winter, and Christmas Eve Sarajevo 1984 doesnt move fast enough for me....anyone got any other really fast moving songs or sequences? At this late point in the game, Id obviously prefer the sequence so Im not spending hours upon hours on the editor. I figure we've all got a week of lights left, so its time to have some of our own fun. I have a Disney theme to my show, but I think I already have all the Disney songs I can use...so Im looking for other fast movers. Thanks.
  5. Heres another "idea of the week" for you...if youre wanting to give the illusion of cameras on your display. Take a couple of red lights out of your junk lights pile, and stick the probes into some cheap gauge speaker wire. Take the sheath off of the other ends and separate them. Tape one end to the positive, and one end to the negative of an AA battery. Dont know how long it will last, but it will give the illusion of cameras if strategically placed.
  6. PD1057

    Musical sequences

    ny_yankee_25 wrote: Heres a little trick I did this year. I have a newer Blackberry with a voice recorder program built in. I wanted to use Griswold saying "25000 imported italian twinkle lights. I dedicate this house to the Griswold family Christmas." I played the movie on my TV. I used my Blackberry voice recorder to record him saying this. I emailed it to my computer. I went online and got a free AMR to MP3 converter and converted it. Then all you have to do is sequence it. Mind you, the quality is not PERFECT, but its free and as long as it is a short voice recording, it should work.
  7. I had security cameras on my display at my old house, but they were part of the house security that stayed with the house when we sold it. The house we are in now doesnt have cameras, but my sign that says what FM station to turn to has a little spot at the bottom that says "Display under video surveillance" Been here three years and havent had anyone mess with anything.
  8. YOU DID IT BOB!!!! I turned off Holiday Lights Designer and my show just started up. It didnt miss a single beat (no lag, no lights shutting off), and my memory isnt running up like a stopwatch anymore. Its sitting at a healty 26xxx K! YOURE AWESOME! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! You dont know it, but youre getting a big virtual handshake from down here in Texas, and if I could send it through the mail legally, I would send you a big bottle of scotch! Thanks a million. -Robert
  9. Im beginning to feel stupid...I guess its a good thing I posted in the newbie section. What does the Holiday Lights Designer do? Ive never used it. Mine was already on, so I just now turned it off. The lights are scheduled to go on in fifteen minutes. So lets see what kind of effect (if any) it has on the show. (Hopefully this 25mph wind wont interfere with the outside part of it too bad....it already broke one my "over the driveway" arches today.) I second what Pondue said in the above post! Thanks Bob!
  10. I think, in answering some of his questions, you may have just come up with an answer to my problem. My wife cant stand not to be on the computer. It is literally killing her because she sells tons of stuff on ebay and wants to continually check the stuff or list new items. Having said that, she cant stand when my shows are running, and continually gets on the computer, telling me that her business is more important than the lights. This causes some of my lights to go out, I guess because of either CPU usage or low memory....whatever the cause is...I can stand outside and tell when she brings up firefox or email because the lights "lag" or completely go off for up to ten seconds, then come back on. The music continues to play though. That kind of tells me that LORMonitor is having to continually send messages to the box because there was a delay in the last show, it needs to tell the box now to set the lights off where the lag was the last time. If there are other things going on with the computer (other programs running) that cause the lights to lag, then the Monitor would keep running up without stopping, and I may not notice one string of lights that didnt go off one time, and another string the next time, etc. etc. Is this a possibility or have I lost my mind? (Be nice) Robert
  11. Ok. All sequences have the same result when played indivudually. I stopped playing them when the memory went over 300 thousand k. Can someone tell me what the servo dog thing does? I have never messed with it at all because I have no idea what I am doing there. But it says: Warning- Possible servo damage: Limits present in the controller are bypassed. I didnt do anything to bypass anything in the controller. Comm Port just says select. The UPDATE unit Id button is red. Get (read) Configuration is green. Send (write) configuration is red. Channel 1 output has the check dot next to Servo, not digital.
  12. Ok...so much for that idea. Let me ask this...when LORMonitor is running in the task manager, there is another tab...CPU. This number is constantly changing from 24 to 30 to 39, etc... On the same tab, System Idle Process is up around 71, and Explorer.exe is around 00 to 02. I am running each and every sequence right now to see if the memory problem is associated with one inparticular sequence. So far, its not looking like it is. The first three all just keep counting up.
  13. The LORMonitor.exe is not present when the shows are disabled. When I first posted, when the shows were enabled but off, the memory acted like a stopwatch, the same as when it was enabled with a show running. Now, since I have done all the virus scans and re-installing, when the shows are enabled but off, Monitor bounces around 7500k to 8500k. However, when the shows come on....the stopwatch begins. Im using Windows XP. I did have LOR version 2.6.0, but when I reinstalled, it upgraded to the 2.6.2. Windows media player version 11 (someone asked me that in an earlier post and I figured out finally how to find that info). Here is something I am wondering. Being new to this, (and at this critical point in the season- a little scared to try something new)...I have been using the easy show builder to run my shows. What if I went in and used the show editor and schedule editor? Ive never used them because I have the basic license (for now) and there are functions that are not available in the basic license. I guess what Im asking is...Could it be possible that the Easy Show Builder is continuously looping and running the memory up, instead of leveling out or restarting memory use at the end of a set? Where as- the show and schedule editor might level out and restart at the end of a set (set meaning one full play through of my 7 sequences).
  14. PS- Im using 16 Channels to control about 7000 lights. I would like to put one of those "using ___ channels" Controlling ______ lights" on the bottom of this thing, but I could only figure out how to put one or the other.
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