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  1. I have the D-Light Hardware utility. If you PM me your email address I can send a copy to you. Mark
  2. Hi, I live in Concord and have a 12 ribbon CCR tree (not the 2 version). I may be able to help. PM me your phone number and I will try to get you set up. Thanks Mark
  3. Sequence files end with an .lms or .las file extension. Look for those on your new computer.
  4. One of my favorite questions is "How do you get the radio station to play your music?". +1 on the other questions mentioned. Mark
  5. You most likely already know this but make sure the Max Unit ID in the HU is the same as or higher than the highest controller Unit ID. Mark
  6. A fix has been posted in the "Important Announcements" forum. Hopefully it will solve your guys problem.
  7. Thank you Bob. Issue has been fixed. Hopefully it will work for the other people as well. Thanks again for the quick turn around. Mark
  8. I also want to say THANK YOU to Bob and the whole Light-O-Rama team for getting on this. My show is now running normally (so far). Mark
  9. There are at least 4 different posts on this forum referring to the Chinese characters and other miscellaneous errors happening with the show scheduler. It does get a little confusing trying to read all of the different posts for the same issue. Mark
  10. I just created a test show on demand schedule with 3 sequences in it including the errant song. The show ran fine through 3 iterations. Very weird.
  11. I am experiencing the "invalid play state" problem with just one sequence. The show continues but the one sequence gets skipped after the first run. I am on version 4.2.6 Advanced. My show computer is running Windows 10. If it may be of help, this particular sequence is the only one in my 2015 show that was created using the Instant Sequence feature in Super Star with this version of Light-O-Rama.
  12. The photograph in the "Addendum: CTB16PCg3 version 2 Plastic Box and internal cable clamp" shows the channel output cable insulation flush with the controller side of the cable clamps. Hope this helps.
  13. Just a thought - Are you by chance using inline connectors to connect the CAT5 cables to the controllers? I used to use them until they started causing all kinds of issues for me. Mark
  14. You may be correct. I am not familiar with the DMX protocol but do know that the AC-16's can be configured that way. If it is a true AC-16 (unmodified) and the D-Light HU can control it then I would think that it would work fine using the LOR sequencer.
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