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  1. Hi dbeebe- you are right about the lack of common decency these days!  It’s sad that JR and James even have to deal with any of this.

    As far as your procedural question- The way I read JR’s comment was that requests for all previously posted material would be through the forum, with the added language about not sharing or selling.   You would only PM requests for new or custom material.  And, I think we can all agree that we would go through whatever verification process they requested.  That’s the least we can do to help out!

  2. Added singing trees to the display this year.  Found out I’m just plain awful at sequencing faces!  Jumped on the forums for some tips and found these guys.  JR sent me a couple of face sequences and WOW...amazing!  Knowing there is a community like this with the quality and generosity of JR and James makes me love this hobby even more than I already did!  Thanks guys!

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